Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RANDOM thoughts...

...about my weightloss adventures and being a Weight Watchers girl.

*eating healthy isn't necessarily hard for me, except for the fact that at least once a week i have HORRENDOUS cravings. That's when it gets hard for me.

*I've decided that i like to keep track of what I'm eating. But after eating out with DarRell for lunch, I've decided that it's so much harder to track WW points that way.

*my food bill has gone up due to the fact that i need to keep going to the store for fresh fruits and vegetables every few days.

*I've finally found a multi-vitamin that i can take that doesn't make me sick and really tastes good. You ready for this? Children's gummy vitamins.

*I've found i drink way more water than what i "need" without any trouble at all. 64oz a day is nothing for me to get down.

*I'd much rather spend my WW points on meat and vegetables than on sweets. But it's the white breads and fried foods I'm really missing.

*I love eating breakfast. Who would've thought.

*I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of weight I've lost so far. I think i may be setting my expectations a bit too high (amount of lbs i want to loose a week/month) but on the other hand, my final goal seems very reasonable.

*I wish my mom was still on WW. She'd be a great buddy to compare notes with.

*some of the ladies on the WW message boards are VERY snarky and VERY mean. BLECK! I thought the message boards were all about support, not a place to pick apart the way someone accidentally miss-spelled something.

*it's hard to loose weight when everyone you live with is on the skinny side and need all the calories they can get.

*Daylon is my best support. He's a healthy eater and keeps me motivated by asking if we have certain things in the house for snacks. His favorite is Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. It happens to be one of my favorites too.

*DarRell bought(OK, traded work for product) me a great pair of walking/running shoes. I love them.

*I've never wanted to go work out in a gym so much in my life as i do now. What's stopping me? I don't want to go alone. For now I'll stick with my treadmill and the open road but i have some serious issues with motivation right now.

*my cravings hit me hardest in the afternoon. From about 1:00pm-4:30pm. It is then, that i want to sit down with a big bag of Cheetos and a Mt. Dew and pig out.

*I'm completely off Mt. Dew

*Thursday is my weigh-in day. (but as of today, i am down 7.8lbs since the first of January with almost 2 full weeks on WW).

*I WILL be at my goal weight by my 35th birthday


Marla B said...

The food bill cost-making it to the store for frest fruits and veggies. that is what I have a hard time doing. going to the store isn't fun-making time but ahh! i am so there with you!! Its hard cause you see that expense increase when you don't see any other expenses go down.

JOHNSON'S said...

i'm PROUD of you, keep it up, mom's getting discouraged too. but look at it this was, it is never as easy to put on the weight as it is to get it off and, you are doing better now then you were yesterday, or two week ago... day by day girl you can do it!!!
love ya B

Debbie said...

Grats, girl! Keep up the good work! I need to get myself back in WW gear. Sounds like you are doing awesome! (btw.. this is Joe's wife Debbie)

Kim said...

You are kicking my butt!!! ewwww on the message board. that sux!! keep it up!!

Tevita and Jodi said...

You don't know me but I saw you on Heather's page. I just wanted to tell you good luck. I am also trying the Weight Watchers thing and am just getting over my discouragement and getting back on. Congrats on the mountain dew thing. I wish I could give up soda all the way but I still sometimes drink a diet pepsi. I haven't even looked at the message boards on ww. Anyways, good luck on your weight loss journey!

Christy M. said...

Giving up sodas is so hard! I commend you on that feat!

I agree about the women on the WW boards. I only posted once or twice and was completely snarked at about my user name. It's my last freaking name and first intial: mensic. I never went back.

I hear you on the food bill as well. I love that I'm eating so many more fresh items, but man are they expensive. It's worth it though, especially when I step on the scale and see the numbers slowly dropping.

Good luck this week!

Mommy Mo said...

Good job on giving up soda. I did that as well almost two months ago and I haven't looked back since.

Why does food that is GOOD for you have to cost so much more?

Good luck on the weight loss- you can do it!

ValleyGirl said...

You've obviously made some GREAT progress!!! I struggle in the afternoons too, but I usually manage to hang in there until after my girls are in bed for night ~ THEN I all too often end up finally caving in. Which really annoys me if I've actually had a really good day eating and exercise-wise. I hate those stupid cravings for crap!!!


Ness said...

Way to go. Keep it up. Watch that you don't drink too much water or your internal water to salt ratio goes off and you don't feel too well. A guy I work w/ had that problem. My best advice for shopping is make sure you only buy what you're there for and don't buy things on a whim.

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