Monday, February 2, 2009


We are now potty trained!
Dry nights, dry naps, no accidents!

Sam Rules!

It was a combination of new underware, hershey kisses, and nightly trips to the firehouse. I forgot how much fun the diaper switch to underware is! We took a trip to Wal-Mart and got some he really like (the Cars ones), ones that i thought were cute (rocketship ones) and then some like Daylon's (boxer briefs). Sam prefers the Cars ones over any of the others unless Daylon is around, then he has to look like his big brother. It's just too cute.

Today we took our first trip to town diaperless. I've been scared to death to take him anywhere without him being in a diaper. I just haven't been wanting to deal with the accidents. But since he's been dry consistenly for the last few days, i thought i'd give it a go. He's a champ!

Rewards were/are Hershey kisses every time he goes potty. It works like a charm since the kid is addicted to them. He knows that if he wants a HK then he'll have to go potty. It turns out its a perfect incentive.

If we've had a REALLY good day, DarRell takes him down to the firehouse after dinner to see the "weeoo's". He gets so pumped up with the whole thing.


on the weight loss front, things are going well. I am down a complete 6lbs! It's been one full month since i started getting serious. I'm kinda looking forward to working out and eating right to see it all come off. I can't really see much a difference in myself but the scales say they do, so i'll take their word on it!


Kim said...


Emilie Peterson said...

Way to go buddy!!! Good Job!!! You to MOM!!

Lori said...

woohooo congrats to both of takes a lot of work for mom too..and also congrats on the weight loss...U'll see it coming off with time...just hang in there..and remember its not dieting its eating BETTER!

Robs said...

Awesome news on Sam AND YOU!!! Diaper free is SO LIBERATING and look at you on the 6lbs!!!

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