Tuesday, February 17, 2009

True Confession Monday...

and even though today is not Monday, it sure feels like it... finally (yes, it's a good thing today).

1. I'm so glad the kids are back in school today
2. Every time i talk to Rianne, she starts into cry mode... it's driving me crazy. See #1.
3. Sam's cold is getting the best of all of us.
4. I've gained almost 2lbs since last week.
5. I love Valentines Day.
6.. This year i hated it...
7. DarRell did something for me this year (and i didn't). A BIG A+ in my book ;-)
8. But the goodies did me in.
9. I went over big time on my points (daily + weekly) on Valentine's Day and i'm having a hard time staying on track now.
10. I weight myself every morning... naked
11. I know i shouldn't weight myself every day, it's terrible for moral
12. I need to go grocery shopping. I am out of olive oil, eggs, yogurt, fruits AND veggies... and dinner ideas.
13. I'm feeling the winter blues pretty bad lately. COME ON SPRING

and one to grow on....
*there's no school again on Thursday *SIGH*


Heather said...

We both need Saturday. Plus I am coming over one day this week and we are going to help each other get back on track, I know we both really want to lose some weight and be healthier. It's just sometimes it seems we want chocolate more...H

Kim said...

YIKES!!!!!! WHAT A LIST JO! we are out of school Friday & Monday so I am feeling your pain.

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