Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daylon's Arrow of Light

After spending almost a week up at Fish Lake, my parents were gracious enough to stay another few extra days to stick around for Daylon's Arrow of Light ceremony. In fact, when Daylon joined Cub Scouts, my dad offered to do Daylon's Arrow of Light ceremony when and if he earned it. I was not about to let that opportunity fall between my fingers. So when i found out that Daylon was going to receive his Arrow Of Light, i snagged my dad and made sure that he he still wanted to do it. I've seen dad do several Arrow Of Lights while growing up and was pretty thick in the scouting thing. Nothing pleased me more than to have the honor of Dad sharing that milestone with Daylon.

Getting ready for things to start

Before the ceremony started, all the boys had to get their awards. Daylon and I worked our tail ends off and ended up earning ALL of his merit badges, a belt full of belt loops and several other awards. I'm quite proud of the little guy. I'm sure he did most of it to make mom happy but he sure did look pretty slick up there all decked out in his awards!

Getting the mother's pin for earning his Webelos award

The begining of the Arrow of Light ceremony.
Dad had all the kids gather up in front of him while he told them a story...

Dad was right on the ground interacting with them. They had a cool "campfire" going with indian music in the background and a teepee backdrop.

The three boys, Kyle, Daylon & Tyson, who received their Arrow of Light awards that evening, pinning on their mother pins
... and the big hugs (and kisses?) that go with it
The Weblos leader talking with the boys about what a great honor it is to receive this award.

... and being welcomed into the Boy Scouts
Our family and dad
(don't mind our faces... all part of the ceremony... although i'll never understand why Daylon thought it was so funny to put a green mustache on me LOL)
Thank you dad for making this such a special night for the boys.
It was special for not only us but also for the parents of the other boys.


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