Monday, August 10, 2009

Fish Lake - last 2 days (really 3 days)

The last two days of vacation were consumed with cousins.

Meeting new baby cousins, catching up on others, seeing some that i haven't seen in years, and meeting some that married into the family. There was only a few of my cousins there. Hopefully next year more of us will be able to join.

Most everyone left Sunday morning.
We stayed up there one more night with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Gary.
Daylon getting his head buzzed by cousin Jake.
Daylon was quite impressed by this cool "cop" cousin he'd never met before. Needless to say, we've got to get to know my family much better. I finially got to meet his wife, Nattalie and their little guy Cooper.
Sam helping Great-Grandpa Mac working on the ropes to his boat.
I think Grandpa loved it just as much as Sam did.

Sam helping Aunt Connie "work". Everytime someone was doing something, Sam was there to help. In this case, it was cutting up potatoes and onions.

Charlie was pretty into my mom fileting fish.
He sat there and kept my mom company the whole time
The newest member of the family, baby Sophie. She was named after my awesome grandma. Only a few weeks old and she's a camping champ

The kids found a great lean-to that someone had put together.
If we couldn't find them, we always knew where they were.

One last trip out on the boat as a family Sunday afternoon.
Just a nice cruise up the west side of Fish Lake watching the fish in the shallows

One last trip fishing the beach with Sam while Rianne, Daylon and DarRell took the boat out on the lake to fish one last time. Sam was having no fun fishing with Gary until he started wadeing in the water. It all ended with him being wet from head to toe after tripping

We can't wait until next year. Next year it will be over the 4th and we plan on being there the whole five days. I can't wait! I hope more people can make it next year.


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