Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fish Lake - Day 3 & 4

July 23rd and 24th were the busiest for us by far. Most of our time these two days were spent away from Fish Lake than at it. Kaye and the kids had to leave early on the 23rd. Some time over the course of all the excitement, little Hunter ended up sick. I hated sending them out the door with Hunter feeling so rotten but knew that Kaye had to go back to work that night. All my pleading and begging couldn't change that.
I headed back up to Fish Lake after sending Kaye on her way. It was a bit of a lazy day on the 23rd. I was greeted by the kids and Uncle Gary with a "Happy Birthday". We headed out on the lake to do a bit of fishing, which was a bit of a bust with only two fish caught that whole day. We lazed around the rest of the day at camp and headed back home before it got too dark.
The 24th was filled full of 24th of July festivities and fireman duties. I was over the firetrucks for the parade and DarRell had his usually duties of firetruck rides at the park and fireworks that night. It was non-stop from sunrise to sundown. DarRell was up early with six o'clock salutes with the fire department to start off the day. Off to the parade and park activities. Home for a double birthday party for Kole and Tucker. And DarRell was off with the fire department for the rest of the night with firework duties.

We took Daylon out on the boat and taught him how to drive it.
The view of the Lodge from the Lake. I can't wait till fall when the aspen leaves start to turn. We are definitely going back if only for a day trip.

I told the kids we could let off fireworks in honor of my birthday the night of the 23rd.
Being kids, they didn't forget and after getting home from a lazy day up at Fish Lake, we set off a package full of firework we had laying around from a few years ago.

My hottie of a fireman during the parade

The evening of the 24th turned out to be a bust. It was windy and rainy that evening when it was time for fireworks. The two oldest kids were wiped out from a day of running. Daylon never even made it to the start of the fireworks before he crashed. Rianne gave up half way through it and went to the back seat to lay down. Sam wanted to get out and run around in the rain. Needless to say, it was pretty much a bust.

We all went home and crashed hard. Another 24th of July over and done with FINALLY!


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