Monday, August 10, 2009

True Confessions Monday

apparently i need a bit more accountablity.
  • remember when i said i needed to get back on that wagon. I must've missed the announcement that it was leaving and totally was left behind running after it
  • if it's possible, i think i may have gained 4 pounds since yesterday. It had to have been Mt Dew i drank and king sized candy bar i devoured.
  • today i started counting points again.
  • because so far, i haven't had any fruits since my "wagon" post
  • However, i have still been living off salsa so i have been getting in 5 servings every day, it just hasn't included fruits of any kind
  • exercise hasn't been part of my vocabulary in quite some time. That really needs to change
  • my garden is finially starting to produce RED tomatoes. LOVING THAT! The chili peppers are starting to get big enough to pick if the wind doesn't wipe them out first. And the speghetti squash is about right. Carrots are being devoured and i'm enjoying watching the artichokes grow. Next year i'm definately growing a bigger garden if i can find the space for it
  • i'm addicted to the lo-carb monster energy drinks. Not a good thing
  • to help keep me on track, i'm going to spend the afternoon planning out meals on Weight Watchers. I'm paying for the subscription, i may as well use it.
  • i really gotta finish up posting about July. It's already mid-August and i'm getting further behind
  • i hope to finish up those last few scrapbook layouts sitting on my desk taking up space on my desk and room in my brain. They've been there WAY too long.


Kim said...

great post! lots of goals & several YAYS!! mine will go up tomorrow.

april said...

Welcome back to the wagon. We're glad you're back. :o)

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