Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fremont Indian State Park

This was the last weekend before school started and we wanted to go out and do something before we weren't able to anymore. But considering that this weekend was also a weekend full of family down for Katie's mission farewell, we decided to do something close(r) to home.

We are pretty lucky having so many state/national parks right close to us. The closest one is practically right in our backyard and, sadly, we've never been there before.

The Fremont Indian State Park is only about 15 minutes away from us so we thought that we'd go take a look and see what we've been missing.

There are a bunch of really short hiking trails throughout the whole park so we decided to take a few of them.
We started out at the visitors center/musuem and they pointed us in the direction of the closest and easiset self guided hiking trail/walk which takes you around the musuem and then back again. The walk then breaks off into other smaller hikes.

The hike ended at a pithouse and a grainery.

The pithouse was big enough to fit our whole family, Maria and Justin, and Taylor, Jared and Quintin. Very cool!
Our first hike out of the museum/visitors center was to the 100 Hands cave.
The cave was barred up because of obvioius vandlism on the walls.
...and if there is waster, you must stop to play in it.
Second hike was up to Sheep Shelter and a few rocks along the trail with petroglyphs
Sheep Shelter is also barred for the same reasons. But all the petroglyphs are on the other side of the rock inside so they put up a mirror so you can see them.
If you look closely, you can see them in the mirror along with all of us.
There was another sheep petroglyph just up from Sheep Shelter that was pretty prominate.
And the biggest highlight of the trip was seeing the Indian Blanket drawn on the rocks across the canyon. This is the one that the kids were most excited about, especially Daylon. I think that is was the legend of the indian blanket was what drove it closer to home for Daylon

It wasn't the most exciting of places that we've been to so far, but the history is intersting. I would love to go back and continue to go on the other hikes that we missed and see the rest of the place.


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