Tuesday, June 19, 2007

gotta love the rebellion... or lack of?

I guess I'm living vicariously through my kids or something and I know I'm begging for trouble and i will be cursing myself when it actually happens. But, why when you give them the permission to just go crazy, they don't.

A few years ago my dad sat Daylon down to give him his summer haircut, and he came out with a Mohawk. I wasn't super upset but it did take a while for me to accept it. Last year we did the same thing only i was the one to give him his summer "Mohawk". It wasn't as crazy as what my dad did and when it was down, it looked like a decent haircut.

This year as we were cutting his hair, i asked him if he wanted a Mohawk. He said no. My heart about broke. I have to admit it... i LOVED his Mohawk. I miss it. But he did say he wanted green hair. I had some leftover color gel from Halloween so we started experimenting with colors. Black, blue, gold, red and hot pink... it was a no-go on the hot pink. He finally decided that he wanted to go permanently blue. After turning it around in my head for a few weeks, i thought I'd be OK with it. While visiting my parents, my sister and i were out shopping and passed by a Taylor Maid shop and decided to stop in. They had blue dye! I was so stoked! I brought it home to Daylon and he was just beside himself! After him talking himself blue in the face trying to get me to do it right then and there, we finally broke out the dye.

Here's the hour long process:

Bleaching out his natural color so the blue would be more bold.

I think he changed his mind about it all right about now.

he was liking the bleach blond... i wasn't so sure.
EVERYONE has bleached blond hair... EVERYONE.

Putting in the blue dye... this was fun! Rianne was even hoping she'd get in on it.

Yes! It was THAT blue!

The final blue product. I didn't leave the blue in as long as it said. Guess i got chicken. It still turned out really blue though.

It's faded quite a bit now since he's been swimming everyday. But i still have almost a whole bottle left of the blue dye so if he wants a "touch" up, I've got plenty.

Funny thing about all this? One mother came up to me during school lunch at the park, and asked me how i dared do this! Her kids were NOT allowed to do this ever! This is coming from a mother whose kids are rough. You know, the mega tattooed momma with the wild kids who terrorize the town. I mean, come on!!!!!!!! it's just hair. When summer is over, it's getting cut off, and is not allowed to have it during the school year at all. I think it's reasonable. He could be doing sooo much worse... my kid is a mild, even tempered quiet kid who wouldn't hurt a fly. He's just looking to be different and i love it.

This totally cracked me up though: There was one kid there that had a tall Mohawk all slicked up and he looked over at Day and then looked at his mom and said "i want blue hair like that!"... LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Here is how it looks right now........ still loving it but I'M wishing it were a bit more blue.... maybe it's time for a touch up.
He looks like a geeky rebel with the glasses on. So terrible of me to think so and even worse of me to say out loud. But hey! He's my geeky rebel and i love him to death!


Marci said...

Joey, I LOVE his hair! My 10yo had a mohawk before and both he and my 7yo are growing their hair out for one right now...I actually tried to cut it yesterday but couldn't get our shaver to work so need to have dh take a look at it.

Some people really just need to lighten up!

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