Friday, June 22, 2007


particularly my DH (ya... call it what you want)

would it hurt to have a opinion... any opinion... good, bad, indiferent..... just something! COME ON!!!

It's impossible to have a conversation with him. I just wish this man would think for himself! Man! I hate being married to a drone! GRRRRRRR!!!

I guess it is true. Don't ever ask a man what he's thinking, it usually is nothing!


Marci said...

Ugh. Feelin' your pain, Joey. I like to say not to bother looking for the deeper level cuz there IS no deeper level...

Stacie said...

LOL, sorry to hear your dh is having lack of opinion problems. But you know, that just gives you free rein. ;)
I love the little slideshow of scrap you've got on the side here, btw!

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