Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Swimming

Yesterday, like most days, we spent the evening in the pool. Did i mention that we have awesome neighbors? Our kids have spent the last few years over to their house swimming in their pool as often as they could. This year they bought a bigger pool and offered up their smaller pool to us. It's not so tiny though. It's a 18' around by 4' deep. The kids absolutely love it! We love it. We actually use it more than we thought we would. The two older kids still go swim over to the neighbor quite often, but DarRell and I swim in it at least 4-5 days a week. It's great.

ok - back to what i was saying. Yesterday, like most days, we spent the evening in the pool. Yesterday the kids decided they wanted to invite some friends, and then DH sister and her kids came over to swim too. We had 11 people in that pool! Can you believe it!? It was chaotic! Good thing that Sam doesn't like to stay in the pool long cause that was just way too may people for me.

Rianne. She's such a swimmer and soooo independant! She refuses to wear her floaties now, which totally
gives me a heart-attack every time she gets in the pool. She just jumps right in and swims though. Crazy. She still plugs her nose when she goes underwater but Daylon, the boy who sinks, is trying to teach her to go underwater without plugging her nose.

DarRell is such a goober, but he's a great dad

Sam started taking his first steps about a week ago. He'll walk if nobody is watching him, but when he catches someone watching him, he starts to show off and falls, so he'd rather crawl.

Daylon and his new best buddy, Preston. I think he's spent more time here in the last week than he's spent at home. That's ok though, i love that Daylon finially has some friends that aren't "family"


Lisa said...

Great pool shots!

Rachel said...

I know you are loving being in the pool so much! I'm still digging your oldest's blue hair. :)

By the way, you've been tagged....Check out my blog

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