Thursday, June 7, 2007

i swear they know who i am...

It NEVER fails! NEVER!

Let me explain. I HATE Wal-Mart. Don't get me wrong, Wal-Mart is where i shop.... several time a week. Yes, so incredibly red-neck of me but it's true. But then again, what do i have to choose from really? Living in a little town... Wal-Mart is about as big as it gets unless you are made of gold, which I'm not.

I used to love to go there and get my pictures developed. Who can beat the 12 cent prints or whatever they cost? But when i started getting a little more creative in my scrapbooking, i decided that i liked having my pictures different sizes than 4x6 and started printing them out at home. I still go there to copy my pictures to disk once my memory card gets full though. But can i tell you that if it weren't for Wal-Mart being the only place around here that does it, I'd stage a boycott? The last two times I've gone there to have my pictures put to disk, they have lost them both times!!!!!! Not only lost them but gone as far as saying that their computer doesn't even state that I've been there to upload them! But lo and behold, i have the receipt (OK - it's not a receipt because it very plainly states "NOT A RECEIPT" but this is what you get when you have an order)... from their computer!!!!! Here's the proof:

It frustrates me to no end that it happens to me every time. I swear they know who i am and they watch me as i upload my pictures and then they purposely erase them off their computer to see if someday i'll go off the deep end. Today i almost went off the deep end. It's beyond words how angry i was. Thankfully, i've learned not to erase my card until i know that the pictures are safe and sound on a disk and that it actually works.

I guess it's my fault for letting my card get that full. I really wanted to get everything to disk so that i could take more pictures of my kiddies. I got as far as taking some of Daylon and ran out of space. Here are a few i took:

I'm still trying my hardest to figure out how to take pictures without getting a funny light or glare off his glasses.

Anyone have suggestions? i think i've run out of ideas. Obviously there is only so much you can self-teach yourself and get the results you want.


Lisa said...

I love the rich red colors in those photos!

Walmart lost a roll of film of mine and I'm still mad at them about it!

Rodrigo said...

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