Wednesday, June 6, 2007

new room in the works? maybe...

well, last night i vented to DH about how frustrated i was that i can't get motivated to go downstairs and scrap. It's just too cluttered and too small of a space. I told him that we REALLY needed to finish up the basement and get the kids into their own rooms so i could reclaim my scrapbook room back again. Although, that's not the arrangement we settled on, this is:

* We could move the kids into the big tv room downstairs where it is unfinished but it has the necessities like a finished bathroom down the hall, lights, carpet that is just kinda layed down, a tv, and stuff like that. We just don't have all of the electrical done yet so we can't put up sheetrock just yet (grrrr on our electrician! we've been waiting for over a year to come back and finish what he started... bad thing is that he's our neighbor... UGH!)
* I can get back into my scrapbooking room and have it set up the way i'd like it finially! YAYAYAY!

I know that it's going to take MUCH longer than i want it to but here's hoping i can get a fire under DH's butt and get it done sooner than later.

*white bead board chair rail height
*sheet metal walls - i'd love to show you a picture but i can't find one anywhere! We have a local mexican resturaunt here called Pepperbelly's. It's such a cool place. It's got sheet metal walls, and sheetmetal tables. They use magnets to hold up their specials on the walls. Which makes me think, i really need to get some of those REALLY small, REALLY strong magnets.
*upper wall shelving for all my mason jars full of ribbon and buttons. A great place to put all the stuff that i don't really need right away.
*a 40" tall center work table. A kinda large one. One that i can spread out on and create up a storm and still have room to see what i'm doing. I want to be able to work standing up if i want. I could always get a tall stool if i didn't want to stand. But it seems that i do great stuff standing up... i don't know why.
*old antique frames and such. I have some GREAT old frames that had been sitting outside for ages. They've got old white paint chipping off them and they have such an amazing feel to them. I'd love to hang them on the wall in my room. Oh and i wanna find a old screen door to do the same thing!
*i'd really love a picture curtain too! maybe a line with clips on it to put my favorite pictures on? I don't know... i'm still playing with that idea

I have a few ideas in mind on how i want my room to look. But i'm really needing more ideas... like paper storage.

I have these...

but i want these....

would they work in a kinda smallish room? They are quite the pretty penny aren't they? I'm not sure i can justify the price. Is there a better idea?

AHHHHHHHH - so many ideas and not enough income to put it to a reality! First thing is first though... getting into my room. And this weekend, it WILL become a reality!


jill said...

Oh my gosh, I felt the same way about my room. It was sucking the inspiration right out of me! Good luck with the decorating, it sounds like it will be awesome! Post pictures when you're done!

Lisa said...

Good luck on getting more motivated with a new space. OH BOY, you RAWK the SoS world NOW so I can only imagine what you'll do when you are really motivated!!! lol

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