Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As promised, albeit a bit late, my scrap room:

You can find the rest of the pictures HERE. There are notes all over the pictures so you'll need to pan over the picture with your mouse to read them all. This is where i spend most of my available time. If i had a tv, a big comfy chair, and a little fridge i don't think i'd leave this room.

The kids had a ball with Halloween. I'm a bit bummed that Daylon didn't have as much fun this year. I blow it off as him just growing up, which totally breaks my heart, but mostly i feel like he's picking up vibes from his dad, who seems to not enjoy anything that disrupts life in general.

Here they are dressed up for the High School Carnival they have every year.

Daylon as some yucky doctor thing... scarey.
Rianne as a fairy
Sam as a pirate

RaDawn's Halloween party is always a hit! I look forward to it every year. Hopefully next year Sam will be easier to handle and we can stay longer. We missed halloween bingo and i REALLY wanted to stay for that.

Here's the pictures from the party:

Since halloween landed on a Wednesday this year i had to miss the school parade because of work. I had DarRell take pictures though. Thank goodness he's home with the kids on Wednesdays or i wouldn't have gotten any pictures at all.

I got home just in time to jump into the van to leave for Trunk-or-Treat that evening. I didn't get ANY pictures at all. I'm really bummed about it, but at least i didn't miss halloween completely.

~ two boys at work last week giggling like little silly school girls
~ Sam totally checking out all the cool halloween costumes and not even being scared of any of them
~ a clean kitchen. One i can go into without rolling my eyes because i have to push something out of the way to sit and eat breakfast.


Kim said...

jO!!!!!!!!! so good to see a blog from you!!! I wanna come site & drool over your room!! great slideshows!!! tfs

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