Friday, December 21, 2007

bath time!

We finally got the jets to our tub fixed and cleaned out really good. Whose ever idea to have a shower over a jetted tub sure had a stupid idea. Talk about a lot of work for upkeep. Definitely one of the first things we will change (get rid of) when we get a chance to redo our bedroom/bathroom. Hindsight is always humbling. The jets collect a lot of scum and yuckies and are a total pain to clean out. And looking at these pictures, it's VERY apparent it's time to strip out the caulk and caulk again. For some reason, this tub and neither of the other two have this problem. I'm really aggravated by the whole mold thing in our bathroom and funny thing... it's only on the caulk and nowhere else.

Sam absolutely loves the big tub. Throw a bit of shampoo in the tub and throw on the jets and you've got a bubble bath fit for a king. The two boys stayed in the tub for well over a hour just playing with the jets running and the bubbles getting bigger. I feel bad that the kids are growing up so fast that we just can't throw them all in the tub and bathe them all together in the big tub. It was a blast while it lasted though!

I've got lots to do today. Wrapping presents are on the top of my list but i have a feeling Sam isn't going to cooperate with me on that . And the kids get out of school early today. They are out till the new year. If i don't get presents wrapped today, it's going to be hard to steal anytime otherwise to do it. I gotta finish up my cookies too! Yesterdays turned out super good (minus the sugar cookies) and turns out I've got a winner on my hands. DarRell told me that they were keepers. Definitely a HUGE compliment from him considering he doesn't LOVE many that aren't his mom's. Will post pictures when i get a chance!

More to do:
*clean up the disaster area we call the kitchen after baking with the kids last night
*finish up with cookies and pretzels
*wrap presents
*fold laundry and put it away
*i really want to finish up a page I've been working on
*vacuum, especially downstairs
*box up the last of the stuff downstairs so we can get ready for the sheet rockers to come in anytime now... we hope.
* and so much more to do but I'll leave it at that so maybe i won't be so overwhelmed with so much on my list.


Unknown said...

ADORABLE!!!! don't ya hate that never ending list of 'what needs done when..."? its about to kill us if we let it!

Can't wait to see your Christmas photos!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JO!!

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