Thursday, December 20, 2007

i am... and Santa!

I believe i did this a LONG time ago... maybe perhaps when i first started this blog... not sure. I just know I've done it before. I might have to go look back and see. I'm really curious to see how my answers have changed.

i am: only a mother. Not necessarily bad though
i want: to be more productive
i have: way too much family around... although still not necessarily a bad thing
i wish: i had more motivation
i hate: self-righteous people
i miss: friends i can just hang out with
i hear: rock Christmas music playing
i wonder: if I'll ever get to a weight I'm comfortable with
i regret: my credit card bills
i am not: content with things as they are right now
i dance: with like a white boy
i sing: very loudly to anything i know the words to
i cry: when i get mad
i am not always: patient with my children
i make with my hands: memories put on paper
i journal: never unless you call this a journal?
i confuse: huh? not sure what i confuse....
i need: to wash and fold laundry... REALLY bad
i should: enjoy what i have
i start: the day with a list of what i want to do
i finish: the day ready to go finally

We visited Santa yesterday. Sam was much better with him than any of the other kids were with him at this age. LOVED it! I wished i got better pictures though. This camera of mine is just so confusing. I just don't understand it. For the life of me i can't get a decent picture out of it when everything isn't just perfect to start with. I REALLY want to get my old camera back from my SIL. At least that one i understood so much better. But, every time i mention getting it back, she blows me off. It's getting VERY aggravating! *And it's all such a long story.

Anyways, Santa was fun. He wasn't the best Santa but he's the best one they've had for quite some time. I love that he included some of the adults. He pulled me right up on his lap and asked me what i wanted for Christmas. I had Sam on my lap and it worked out great cause Sam ended up loving Santa, especially since I was OK with him.

We are getting ready for the big day coming up. I'm picking up the last of stocking stuffers. I've got to find some time when the kids (and possibly DarRell... but that isn't so serious) aren't around so i can spread out and wrap presents. I figured i could do them at night when the kids are asleep but most nights we are shooing them downstairs after the seven millionth time up them coming upstairs because "they just can't sleep" or some other life altering thing they forgot to tell us when they didn't have to go to bed. By 10:00 we've finally given up and go to bed ourselves. DarRell ordered us a crown of lamb rib roast today for our big Christmas Eve dinner (this will be a first for me cooking something like this). This weekend will be spent cleaning up the kitchen from top to bottom for our special Christmas Eve dinner. The kids are excited, DarRell is excited (maybe it's just because of the lamb roast???), and I'm super excited to start something new that isn't what his family has done for forever. I think it's time for us to have our own special family traditions and this is the year to begin!

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

*Really wanna know the long story? I wasn't going to bring it up, but maybe this way, I'll relieve a bit of frustration. So, OK... here it goes. We lent it to them nearly 3 years ago so that they could take some pictures of whatever until they found their old one. I sent the wires and the instruction booklet with it so that they could figure it out and whatever, and what do you know? We NEVER got it back. Last year i told her we needed it back... and she almost seemed offended that i actually was asking for it back! You'd figure that they'd either find their old one or they'd buy a new one, but apparently not! You know, there was a time that we had actually considered giving it to them if they would have come to us, but that never happened. And now, now... now I'm just so over it. I'm about at the point of not even worrying about being tactful at it anymore. I told DarRell that he'd better talk to them cause next time i wouldn't be so nice. *sigh* Do i feel better now? ya, maybe just a little bit.


Unknown said...

ugh-family/people thinking a loan is a gift
love the new traditions!! SO FUN & exciting
OFF to do an I AM entry too... love it!! thanks for sharing!

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