Thursday, December 13, 2007

Exhausting, THE tree, and snow...

The Christmas holidays are so exhausting!
I LOVE this picture. It's not often i get pictures like this... definately one to cherish.

A few tree pictures that i should probably update again cause now we have popcorn and cranberry garlands all over the tree

and our first snow storm... which was actually before Ali moved. The snow was all gone by the end of the weekend.
This is Sam's first snow that he can remember...... he LOVED it, cold and all!
Even with a big truck to push around.
~A Christmas card from a VERY dear friend. It's GREAT knowing that i am still in his thoughts. I really need more friends like him around.
~Christmas lights on in the house at all times. Nothing gives you the cozy feeling more than a house lit with Christmas lights.
~Our great neighbors, The Ericksons. I hope that we keep in touch. We coldn't have asked for better neighbors and we are crushed to have them gone.


Unknown said...

PRECIOUS PHOTOS!!!!! LOVE ALL THE SNOW! will it stick around ya for a while or be gone tomorrow??

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