Monday, December 24, 2007

Breakfast is served...

a bit more progress done than the other day. Whatever doesn't get done today is just going to have to wait though.

DONE - but will do another batch today maybe*finish up pretzels
DONE, expect for DarRell's which I'll do when i get off of here*wrap presents
DONE!*fold laundry and put it away (the kids are home to help me out this time)
Nope - they'll have to wait for some other day*work on that scrapbook page
KINDA, i didn't get the downstairs done yet*vacuum, especially downstairs
MOST of it!*box up the last of the stuff downstairs so we can get ready for the sheet rockers to come in anytime now... we hope

Today (more like before 5:00pm tonight):

clean up the kitchen from top to bottom
finish up a bit more of laundry
help the kids wrap each other's presents
Cook Cook Cook - tonight is our big Christmas Eve dinner by candle light. We'll see if it's worth doing a big dinner Christmas Eve every year or not after tonight. It just might end up being appetizers or take out from here on out.

This morning the kids woke DarRell and I up saying "breakfast is served". Turned out they made breakfast for us this morning. Granted it was cold cereal and milk, with a side of water... but it was all served in our fancy dishes (well, the fanciest we have). It was nice. What was even nicer was that they took Sam this morning when he woke up so that we could sleep in a bit longer.

Today is a big day for the kids. Not only are we having a big dinner (lamb loin chop roast with the whole fixings) but also the beginnings of a few family traditions. Cookies out for Santa. Opening one present, ALWAYS pajamas. This year we are going to let the kids open the socks full of pressies that my mom always gives them every year. And listening to the police scanner listening for Santa's progress... always a favorite. If we are lucky, the kids will be in bed by 9:00! I hope to get good pictures this year, but no guarantees on the good part.

I know it's all last minute but i think i need to find a good recipe for tomorrow morning... something that the kids will eat too. But something that doesn't take a lot of time to hands on time to cook. I'm thinking of maybe a breakfast casserole. Got lots of goodies waiting to be prepared for tomorrow. It'll be a big appetizer day. Bacon wrapped smokies, artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, cream cheese won tons and then tons of store bought appetizers like twice baked potato/skins, jalapeno poppers, moz sticks, chicken fingers. etc.

Just one of the few things i have loved this year. They are BIG glass (really they are plastic) ball ornaments hanging from the chandelier light in our kitchen right over our kitchen table. I absolutely LOVE them! i have some smaller ones hanging over my sink too. I think it's one of Daylon's favorite things too.

Well, signing off till probably Wednesday. I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas. May we all enjoy the holidays and not forget it's meaning.


* going out shopping today. And even though it's so incredibly busy and crowded out there, everyone is so chipper and happy... love that! Made it worth it to go out today and brave the crowds
* Setting up my stereo in the living room and hooking it up to the surround speakers in the walls. LOVE playing Christmas music with music coming out of the walls!
* rearranging our living room... just because. Give me something to do that feels like i actually have something to show for all the time that seems to disappear on me.


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