Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i'm lost... what day is it again?

My life has been a crazy mess lately. I have no idea where the time has gone. And SO much has happened in the last few weeks. Daylon's and Rianne's best friend (and the best neighbors anyone could have) moved away to Montana. Needless to say, that alone has made our life turn upside down. I think Rianne will pull through it ok. She has a ton of other little friends around to make the time away from Ali not so hard. We've kept her very busy on playdates and whatnots to pass the time away. And it has worked so far. It's Daylon that i'm most worried about. Not only was he best friends with Ali, he was best friends with Annie. Annie absolutely LOVED Daylon. She wouldn't go to many people, but Daylon was one of the few that she would go to. And Frank and Mary were his buddies. He would just go hang out with them when Ali just didn't want to play with Daylon. He's having such a rough time with them being gone. He told me the other day that he doesn't understand why he's so sad. He mopes around the house and is just plain sad. It's been hard saying goodbye to them and we have such a hole in our lives and now a empty house across the street (Lori, Kim... there is a emtpy house across the street... Hint Hint LOL).

In other news, the little princess turned 6 Tuesday. It was a great turnout and being so close to Christmas, she still made out like a bandit! I think her highlight of the night was being able to change earrings. I told her that on her birthday, she would be able to start wearing different kinds of earrings. All i heard all day long is if she could change them yet... drove me crazy! My parents came down to celebrate with her, and it was GREAT to have them down. We kept her party little or as little as we can with only family. It filled up the house but then again... we don't have the hugest house either. Maria and Justin called to wish her a happy birthday and so did Mike. He announced that Brayden will be a big brother come August! We are super excited for them!!! Sounds like 2008 will be the year of travels and i can't wait!!!!


Kim said...

awe I missed this one yesterday... adorble photos!!!!! tfs.. poor Day!! :( after this ice storm I am ALL FOR MOVING somewhere warmer!!!!!

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