Monday, December 3, 2007

The tree is up!!!

We've finially got the tree decorated. Actually we've had it decorated for over a week now. But now i've got all the christmas stuff up and most the boxes put away again. I do want to find a few more Christmas things to put up but otherwise we are done decorating (unless you count the outdoor lights. It got too windy, rainy, and snowy before we could hang them up). I can honestly say that i love this tree even more now. It's such a beautiful tree!

Sam even got into the spirit of decorting the tree. He was so careful. He's so into the lights and the pretty decorations on the tree. This is going to be such a magical year with him!

It has been a good month for scrapbooking. I got a ton done. Granted most of it was cards but, very productive never the less. A total of 34 cards and 11 layouts. WOW! I think that may be a new record! And i'm off to a great start this month. I've already finished 3, with a fourth almost done! I'm using a bunch of DT goodies left over while waiting for my new shipment to come. I'm hoping our new basement set-up will give me more time to work now that i've got a place for the kids to play nearby. We set up the tv so that they can watch movies if they want to. I'm REALLY hoping that comes to a end soon though. Hopefully the sheetrockers will be here soon to finish up our basement. I'd give up my scrapping space in a heartbeat if we could get this basement finished.

~Daylon, who turns on every christmas light we have when he first gets up in the morning. It's such a beautiful sight to get out of bed and be welcomed with the glow of little colored lights.
~the best neighbors a person could ever wish for. They are moving away to Montana this week and we will all miss them so very much.
~finially a normal morning after over a week of our world turned upside down due to lingering ickies. Makes you truely appreciate the well times.


Kim said...

WOW SUPER PRODUCTIVITY GIRL!!!!!! you ROCK!!! love the tree photos!! :) sweet family time!

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