Friday, March 7, 2008

catch up...

We got Sam in to see the doctor. He is sporting another ear infection. She said its red clear through his canal. So he's on another 12 days of anitboidics. One of these days we are going to kick whatever he's got going on in that poor little body of his.

Scrapping goodness for the last month:

9 layouts and 7 cards. I wasn't very productive in February. But in my defence, we were so incredibly sick in February so it was a miracle that i got anything done.

I was chosen to be on Scrapbook Oasis DT as a guest for March. I'm super excited about it!!!

Lots going on over at The School of Scrap. Lots of behind the scenes remodeling going on so don't be alarmed. We are still there!
and on the home front....
Anyone who knows me and expecially those who've seen me in person, know that i have a severe case of Rosacia going on. I went to go see the dermatologist yesterday and they've got me started on a regiment of antiboidics (5 months!) and topical ointments to help take away the redness and bumps/swelling. Not looking forward to waiting a couple of months to see the improvment but i can't live with it anymore. It's hard to even go out in public sometimes and get the stares. SOOO.... hopefully by the time i hit 34 my face will look like it did before i had Daylon. Those were the good days... at least in regards to my skin.

and for those wondering about DarRell. No, he's not quiting the plumbing biz. He's still plumbing away!


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