Friday, March 7, 2008


I am the Guest DT memeber over at Scrapbook Oasis for March! I totally love it!!! Great place!!! And it's good to be back with my pal Robs!

anyways... here's by blog challenge over at Oasis (and one i kinda stole from Jayme):

*Where did you meet your husband? at College
*What was the first thing you said to your husband? no... (he was asking if anyone was sitting next to me... I think)
*Where was your first date? hmmmm...... i don't think we had a actual "date". We more like just hung out together after/between classes
*Where was your first kiss? I can't remember for the life of me! Probably at my apartment
*Where did you get married? his hometown, in a church
*How long have you been married? 13 years
*How long did you date? 2 1/2 years
*Long or short engagement? 5 months
*How old is he? 38
*Who eats more? eak... I do
*Who said I love you first? i probably did
*Who is taller? he is
*Who sings better? he does... i can't carry a tune in a bucket
*Who is smarter? he is... but i'm more street smart, i think
*Whose temper is worse? mine, definately
*Who does the laundry? i do
*Who does the dishes? we both do
*Who pays the bills? i do
*Who mows the lawn? i do and actually look forward to it
*Who cooks dinner? i do about 70% of the time
*Who drives when you are together? he does
*Who is more stubborn? i am
*Whose parents do you see the most? his... we live next door to them
*Who proposed? he did
*Who has more friends? it's a toss up... we both have a few good friends. Mine just happen to be "online"
*Who has more siblings? he does by far!


Robs said...

Awesome Jo - its great hanging out with you again too!!!!!!!!!

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