Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today was Monroe City's Easter Egg hunt.

The kids reluctently agreed to go to this one but were a little hesitant after going to the Richfield Snow College one, which was a complete bust in their opinion.

All the kids were split up in age ranges so i had kids split up across the whole park from corner to corner. Thankfully, unlike the Richfield hunt, i could look across the field and see the other two kids while i was with Sam.

It turned out to be quite a good hunt! The kids all got their baskets full enough that they felt it was worth it. And Sam, he was just tickled pink that his hunt was in the middle of the sand pile. I think he spent more time playing in the dirt then he did picking up candy. I finially had to start grabbing as much as i could before the older kids made their way into the kiddie part and stole all their candy.

Unfortunately these hunts don't last nearly long enough. We sat there longer, waiting for it to start than it did for the kids to sweep through the whole park picking it clean.

We sat in the grass for a while, letting the crowd split up a bit before walking home again.

I think Sam ate his weight in chocolate sitting there in the grass. He'd open one peice, take a bite and then throw it into the grass and go back for another peice.

The kids decided that next year they want to skip out on all the other easter egg hunts and just do the Monroe hunt.

Even Daylon, who thinks he's getting too old for these sort of things, decided that Monroe's hunt wasn't so bad.

Even the weather cooperated with us this year. It was a nice morning. Perfect sweater weather.

Lets just hope that it'll be that good Saterday!


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