Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday random-ness

*Quiet. The kids are at school and Sam is sleeping so very peacefully and yet i have no ambition to do anything. Not the TV, nor the computer (although, here i am), or even a nap. Not even scrap. What is the world coming to.

*Tomarrow. The kids last day of school for a week. I don't think i can last.

*Found. Lots of hiding spots for clothes that a certain bug doesn't want to throw in any of the various laundry hampers throughout the house including every bathroom and every bedroom.

*New. About 12 more loads of laundry - see above post

*Eye-opener. @ the slow realization that painting my walls to my house is coming LOTS sooner than one had hoped. What makes me think that? bubbling, peeling paint..... already. And without water damage. Must say something about our wonderful painters we hired out when we built the house... 4 YEARS AGO! (if you would like a pointer on who NOT to hire, give me a ring)

*Wonder. why my hair is already turning grey? Hmmm... must have to do with the above in some sort of way.

*Newly discovered. Old pictures from my mom and dad's early wedded years. It's been fun seeing family resemblences in them.

*Best 5 minutes spent. Learning a new photoshop trick! super easy and great results every time! What could be better than that?


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