Wednesday, September 3, 2008

done done done

it's done!!! WHOOHOOOO.

with the exception of mirrors in the bathroom and a little bit of touch-up painting, the basement is done!

Our next dilemma...

we have nothing to put down there! We have a couch. A borrowed one at that. No furniture... nothing. So, i guess it ends up being a big playroom for the kids. Which means that not only do i get to clean the upstairs living room, i also get to clean the basement. Our ultimate goal is to have the upstairs as a nicer place to visit and have the basement for the media room. The place to play video games, watch movies and all that fun stuff.

Even though we have nothing to put down there, it feels so good to have it done


Kim said...

3 cheers for you guys!!!!!!!! its gorgeous!!!!!!

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