Thursday, September 25, 2008

salsa anyone?


ya, ok, you get the point. I have tomatoes. In fact, i have a TON of tomatoes. That is, i did have a ton of tomatoes.

I learned how to bottle over the week. I had a friend come over Monday morning and help me learn. My first choice, was salsa. She gave me a killer recipe to start with, and i took it from there. I bottled 18 pints of salsa. Crazy, i know.

But it didn't stop there. I didn't realize how many tomatoes i actually had! It's crazy to think i had that many. So we went on and bottled even more. This time i did just the tomatoes (for something later. Maybe salsa, maybe sauce, who knows). I did 12 quarts of tomatoes. Ok, so these ones didn't work out so well, and i ended up having, to take them out of the bottles and freeze a bunch.
But my options are there now. I've got the basics down. I know what to do... pretty much. I know when it is a complete failure... and when it works.

And, the salsa rocks! A little juicy but GREAT flavor. DarRell even loves it. So much to admit that he likes mine more than most store bought salsa he's tried. Either he's a great liar or else i make some pretty good salsa!

So, now my tomato crop is down to being manageable again. I have a pantry full of salsa and a freezer full of stewed? tomatoes (is that what they are now after trying to bottle them and failed, so i freeze them? either way, they are delish!!!). Not too bad of a way to start out the week. I actually feel like I've done something productive this week besides the two day clean up after my bottling lessons.

So my next question is... what's next?
Do i try my hand at bottling something else?
Or call it good and consider it experience enough?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joey, It's your favorite Aunt Carolyn. Remember me, your dads favorite alot younger sister. I am
so impressed you know how to make and bottle salsa. Impressive! Your kids are adorable and you are just as cute as ever!

Kim said...

AWESOME JOB GIRL!!!! lets see, what's next?? there's spagetti sauce (Mix @ the store-if you can't find it lmk & I'll send you one), I bet there are other recipes out there too....

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