Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I, like most of the people who have grabbed the first book, got wrapped up in Twilight so tight that i haven't had enough time to even eat because i HAD to read it. I finished the first book within a day or two.

And started straight into the second book.

And then the third book.

And then the fourth book.

In a matter of two weeks i had read through all four books, still wanting more. I took in everything Twilight.
I watched the new Twilight movie trailer and sifted through websites. Then i went to her website. Stephenie Meyer's website*. I took it all in, every little bit. I was beyond giddy when i read that she was in the process of writing a fifith! book, Midnight Sun, from Edward's point of view. I read the first chapter that she has posted on her website and knew i'd go crazy waiting for it to come out.
*(which by the way is a great place to go. Lots and lots of insights and tidbits of info that aren't in the books but made better by just knowing just a little bit more)

And then there came this news. How incredibly disappointing and sad. And, although she's posted what she has done, all 264 pages which i am in the process of reading, i'm sooo sad that she's decided not to continue with the series.

I'm not exactly sure where i'm going with this. I just thought i'd put it out there because i'm just so upset over it. And just maybe because it's been so long since i found a book that i loved so much ((perhaps Kaye understands)) and someone has to go and ruin the fun.

!!!BLECK!!! on the party poopers!!!!


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twilight just rocks. (period)

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iluv twilight!!!!!!!!!!!

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