Friday, September 26, 2008


(excuse the quality of the pictures. I left my camera sitting by the computer as i ran out the door. I realized halfway through Daylon's game that i did have my camera phone... but obviously they are from the camera phone and they do kinda suck)

Last night was the last games in soccer season. It was a great night. Rianne is really going to miss soccer. She's a heck of a player and next year she'll be moving up into the older age group. Hopefully she'll be just as good there as she is in the K-1 age group.

Daylon played his heart out last night and almost got a goal, and several assists. Last night marked 10 undefeated games, a complete shutout.
Their team rocks!

Next Thursday starts their single elimination championship games. Last year he brought home second place. This year he's hoping to bring home the 1st place trophy.

So here's to another successful year of soccer. It's going to be a LONG 9 months till next season. Next year i'm hoping to join in the fun in the adult league!!!

I can't wait!!!!


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