Thursday, September 18, 2008

planning my days accordingly...

yes, premere week is coming up. All my old shows are coming back with new episodes!!! Gotta figure out what i'm going to waste my time with and what i'm going to let slide so i can spend time with the family.

so far, it sort of looks like this:

7:00: Big Bang Theory
9:00: Boston Legal
Looks like i'll have a good 1 1/2 hours to spend with the family. You know, the nightly bedtime rituals, maybe a little kitchen clean up.

7:00: House
another looser TV night. Definately see family night in the future on tuesdays.

7:00: Pushing Daisies (I'm quite certain Daylon will be watching with me!)
wow! another looser night! Wednesdays will be a great scrapping day... DarRell will be at Fire Meeting all night long anyways.

Thursday: GAHHH!!!!!! Thursdays are always the best TV nights!
7:00: Ugly Betty/Survivor
8:00: Grey's Anatomy
i hate having to choose between Ugly Betty and Survivor. I'm thinking that Survivor will win out and i'll be watching Ugly Betty Friday mornings on the internet.

7:00: Crusoe looks pretty good... i'll give it a shot
another dead-end night... what happened to all the good shows?

BLECK! nothing on. That's ok... it's a Saterday. Good time to spend some fall evenings outside

9:00: Desperate Housewives

Seems to be a pretty sad TV schedule. Nothing like it seemed last year. Where'd all the great TV programs go to??? I guess looking back, not a whole lot has changed. I still have my favorites that i still watch, for the most part, that hasn't changed much.

I honestly can't wait till Lost comes back on. My Wednesdays (Thursdays?) will be TV exciting again! American Idol i'm sure will make it's way in too somewhere along the line. And i wish they'd really bring back Dexter for those loosers like us who don't get cable.


Kim said...

I love Dex too... is it really only on cable??

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