Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AE - A Week In A Life - Day 1

Here are the photos I've picked for my Day 1. I still haven't decided totally on how I'm going to put it together yet. I have a idea on what i want to do but i don't know if i can find what i need for it.

Just a few highlights of the day, good and bad.

*snuggling with Sam, who we thought was feeling better since he hadn't been sick for over a day. But unfortunately, he proved us wrong again yesterday afternoon and through the night last night.
*having all three kids by my side last night. A cozy, almost claustrophobic pile on that lasted till i sent them all to be.
*a quiet morning while the kids were getting ready for school and while DarRell and Sam slept in. I got my email read and places visited. Got my scrap space cleaned up a little bit.

I definitely want to put some news highlights in there like failing to pass Bush's financial rescue plan.


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