Friday, October 3, 2008

AE - A Week In A Life - Day 4

It was a rough day. But what a memorable one. I'm glad i've kept up with this. It was Daylon's championship soccer games so we had quite the busy night. Although he came down with this yucky stomach bug halfway through the first game. By the time the second, and final, game came around he didn't want to play because he was so sick. He ended up vomitting right before the last game and felt better enough to go out and play so he played 3/4 of the last game. His poor team was in sad shape. Of the 10 kids, 4 of them had this crappy stomach bug. One never showed. One didn't show till the last game and only because Daylon wasn't there by the time the last game started so the coach (it was her son), dragged him down and had him play (and he hated missing it all together anyways), Daylon finally made it after getting sick, and the last little boy was green and doubled over by the time trophies were handed out. And even through all the sick kids on the team, they still won!


First time out with Sam since he's gotten over his stomach bug. It was really nice not being grounded to the house anymore.

Daylon debating on weither to go play or not after getting sick. Little trooper ended up playing anyways.

Championship trophy!!!!! So happy and excited even through the green.


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