Monday, October 6, 2008

AE - A Week In A Life - Day 7

WOW! I did it. All 7 days. I'm actually feeling a bit lost without my camera with me ALL the time. Now to put it together! I can't wait!!!! Here is the whole process so far: Ali Edwards A Week In The Life

Here is day 7. A nice Sunday at home. It was a nice typical Sunday day. We spent what time we could outside since it's starting to get cool and was stormy a bit. The kids set up more halloween... spider webs to be specific. They love them but their dad loathes them. The best meatloaf ever for dinner... too bad Daylon can't stand it. Last chance at finding flowers not dead before too long and my newly cleaned and re-arranged kitchen.

Highlights of the last day:

Sam being a ham as usual. He had found the kids halloween vampire teeth and was cheesing them up

A nice Sunday dinner at home... at the kitchen table. It doesn't happen often enough. I do cook all the time but quite often the table isn't so cleaned off where we aren't fighting for space. It was nice to have it totally back for dinner again.

The view right outside my back door. It got cold enough Saterday night to put snow in the mountains. Add that to the fall quakey trees and stormy skies made for a beautiful sight.


Kim said...

WHOHOOOOOOOOOO YOU DID IT!!!! I think I am officially starting today! as I went back & didn't have but 10 for Friday, Saturday & Sunday each day :P

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