Sunday, October 5, 2008

AE - A Week In A Life - Day 6

A miserable drizzly day. Anything that was planned was pretty much put off for another day. The kids got out all the Halloween stuff. It was just a day of little errands run and vegging out. I guess you could say a typical Saturday.


Filled up the van with gas. Not necessarily a highlight but thought it'd be interesting to look back at this and see how much it cost to fill up a tank of gas. Actually really kinda scary looking back from a couple years ago. $3.67 a gallon ($3.65 using our maverick card).

a quick lunch at Subway. Definitely, hands-down, the kids favorite place to eat.

Finally getting down to my scrap room, even for just a few minutes at a time. It's been almost a week since i was able to do anything down there... it just felt good.


Kim said...

I sorta started on Saturday but then Sunday was all about the fire :( guess I can use it tho.. I really considered taking a photo of the gas pump too!!

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