Friday, October 24, 2008

BOO! to you

OK - so we REALLY got boo'd a couple of weeks ago. But i knew this would be the only way i would be able to trick the kids into knowing it wasn't me (but, i was still their first guess *sigh*). I love doing things for the kids and surprising them. Usually it's just Valentine's Day but this year i wanted to do it more often.

Thanks to Lori who showed me this link to on how to make these (she got it from here). I simplified it down so that my CraftRobo did all the work. All i had to do was glue it all together. Simple as can be, and they turned out super cute!

*If anyone wants the GSD file for these, just let me know and i'll email them to you (it's just the box and hair template).

The kids were surprised. They were sitting on the porch when they all came home from Daylon's basketball practice. It took a bit of convincing them that it reallly wasn't me. Apparently i'm the only one around there that even knows how to be crafty, according to them. By the time i was done, i even had DarRell convinced. Then i had to turn around and tell him it really was me. The little bags hold just enough goodies to be fun but not overwhelming. I had a couple of pencils, an eraser, a couple of spider rings, a lightstick, a halloween straw and then just a few peices of candy in them.


Marla B said...

They are cute! I admire you! I haven't done anything like that day! You've almost inspired me!

Jess said...

Hi Jo! It's Jessica Forbes your old college roommate from snow! I stumbled across your blog and read some archives and just wanted to say hi! Your family is so cute! I am really impressed with all our creative scrapbooking. Wish I was as talented as you are. Stop by my blog and say hello! Tell DarRell Hi for me too.


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