Saturday, October 4, 2008

AE - A Week In A Life - Day 5

Day 5. I didn't take too many pictures. It was a friday and happened to be one of those lazy days. Daylon stayed home from school sick. He was actually feeling fine. Seemed to be just a little bug. Rianne came home from school early with a nasty cough. We are sure it's a allergy cough since DarRell came home feeling like trash from allergies too. I spent the day catching up on TV online that i missed Thursday.

A few highlights/favorite parts of the day:

Hanging out with Sam again. He never seems to want to just chill out when you do, especially when he's feeling much better, so i took advantage of it this time.

DarRell deep in thought while playing chess with Daylon (Daylon totally whomped his dad, by the way!!! GOOO DAYLON!). I love this picture, even though it's so dark and fuzzy, because his wedding ring gets me every time. I love a man who wears his wedding ring shamelessly! Coming from a man who hates jewlery, this is a huge thing.

Everyone went to bed early (DarRell with Rianne cause she wasn't feeling well) and i was bored so i decided to stretch out on my bed and read.


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