Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monroe Elementary Halloween Costume Parade

It's been super crazy with Halloween here. It seems any holiday keeps me busy and away from the blog for longer than i hope.

I have to show off the kids Halloween costumes. This year the kids got to pick out their own costumes. They opted for scary costumes.

Daylon picked out a Grim Reaper like costume. Unfortunately Daylon ended up only wearing the robe part of his costume. Since he wasn't allowed to wear masks to school or have weaponry, we had to figure out some kind of makeup for him. I couldn't find a black hood anywhere so i went and bought a black pillowcase and cut out a face hole in it and then shredded the ends to make it look raggedy. We pulled down a Halloween cheese cloth drape we had hanging in the kitchen and draped it around his shoulders. I happened to find some horns and scary gross teeth to finish off his scary outfit. I spent most of Friday morning putting on his makeup and painting his fingernails black. He pulled off a pretty scary demon guy that day. What's even better, is that he loved this costume more than the store bought costume we already had for him to wear (which by the way was pretty scary anyways. Something about a no faced, glowing red eyed, black hooded thing scares the crap out of me!)

Rianne had a hard time picking out a costume. We finally narrowed it down by deciding if she wanted to be scary (the spider ghost costume) or cute (a rockstar Hannah Montana like costume). She opted for scary this year, so spider ghost it was. We bought a long witch wig (not realizing that there was a wig in the packaging, ugh) and a broom she found. I spent what was left of Friday morning doing her makeup and painting her fingernails black. Sadly, her costume didn't make it through the day. By the time the costume parade ended, her wig was in tangles, her broom broke, she had half her makeup wiped off and had skinned up both knees.

We dressed Sam up as a vampire. He loves the kids vampire teeth and he wears them EVERYWHERE so being a vampire was a no brainer. He got his fingernails painted black too, got a black hair do, a widows peak, and a gaunt looking makeup job. Not too shabby for a kid who doesn't sit still long enough to have his face cleaned usually.

And just for fun, I took Daylons fake piercings from his makeup kit and put on my best goth getup. It's pretty sad but I really kinda liked the black hair, dark makeup and piercing. But being the responsible adult I am, i guess I'll keep it to just Halloween (although the black hair might be in my near future?).

We stood out waiting for the kids too make their rounds to us. I almost didn't find Daylon. And Rianne ran past so fast.

Here are the rest of the pictures taken from the parade:


Kim said...

*WHEW* SO GLAD YOU NOTED YOURSELF b/c I thought "how long has she had that piercing that I didn't know???" LOL!!! GREAT COSTUMES MOM!!! just going to plan to make themyourself next year since they turned out better than store bought anyway?? you rock!!!

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