Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the project that finially came to a end...

WHOOOHOOOO!!! Lookie here: Scrap The Girls (if you can't figure out which one is mine... it's the first one). I'm sooo excited to have another layout featured here! I've waited so long to share the news that I'm surprised it's still there.

Long time no posting. I know, I've slacked. I've been busy though. I finally got my scrap room finished up!!!!! I'm so excited!!! Orange walls. White bead board. Lots of sheet metal. Magnets galore. Wall to wall shelving. And lots of room. I'm really loving it.

I've ordered a vinyl saying for the one full wall that doesn't have anything on it. It's going to say:

Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations ~ Mae Jemison

Daylon actually picked it out and we thought it would work great in my scrap room. So, now I'm just waiting on them to finish it for me.

I'll post pictures here soon. Just trying to tidy up a bit after moving all my stuff back in. I thought that would be the easy part but it's amazing all the stuff i have and even more amazing that with all the new shelving and stuff I've bought for the room, it still doesn't seem like enough.

* great neighbors that make living where we are, bearable in the worst of times.
* everyone having their front porches alive with pumpkins, carved or uncarved... it doesn't matter.
*a beautiful (basket-ed?) plant sitting on my table reminding us of all the green that used to be outside.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

finially some progress, Saterday morning, and sit-down together family meals

* GREAT progress on the basement! We got one bedroom completely ready for sheetrock (one more bedroom, the bathroom, and the family room to go). All plumbing and wiring ready in the basement for a washer AND a dryer. Everything completely framed, finially. And all wiring run... i think.

* having all three kids snuggle up with us in bed Saterday morning... after a GREAT night sleep.

* getting the kitchen table cleaned off so we can finially have sit-down together family meals. I've forgotten how much i love to just sit at the table and talk after dinner, even if the dinner isn't so pleasing to everyone.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fire Safety Week

It was fire safety week at the Elementary school this last week. Rianne's Kindergarten class took a little walk down to the firestation on thursday. Since DarRell was working in town that day, he snuck away from work to spend the day with the morning (with Talmage and a bunch of Rianne's friends) and afternoon (Rianne's class) Kindergarten classes at the firehouse. I snuck down there durning Rianne's class to take pictures of her with her dad.

It's so cute to see how proud Rianne is of her dad in front of all her classmates! Her dad had been a firefighter for so long now that it's just a everyday thing now. But when it's something big like this, she beams all over the place.

And can i just mention at how sexy DarRell is in his turnouts? Even with the fact that he hadn't shaved for a couple of days and he was in his old dirty work clothes, watching him with all of those little kindergarten kids all dressed up just makes my insides do a little pitter-patter dance. There's nothing like a man in uniform!

Here's the rest of the pictures i took:

Friday, October 12, 2007

a bit of a family reunion

How cute is this little family???? Gosh i miss them so much! This is my baby sister and her two cute girls and her newest little man! Now all we are missing is her hubby (who I'm assuming is taking the picture).

It was great to open my mailbox this morning and see these pictures of them! The girls are getting SO big and well, little Zachary, wasn't so little when he was born!

I love getting pictures from my family. It seem that this is the only way i get to see them most times. So if you are reading this... send more!!!!

Ashley with her baby brother. Adorable Hailey.
And the new addition, Zachary

They sent these awesome pictures of the Balloon Fiesta in NM! I'm sooo jealous. I want to go see that SOOOO bad. Till then, I guess i live vicariously through her. Someday we'll make it out there. The kids would absolutely love it! But of course it always lands during school... but maybe one of these days, we'll take a much-needed vacation and visit... even if it means yanking them out of school for a day or two.
I can only imagine how incredibly awesome it is to have that many hot air balloons go up around you..... absolutely amazing!
And i love how they are all different kinds. Like all the cartoon characters and stuff like that.

I may have to start pulling on DarRell's ear. I'd really love to see this. And since his sister lives out there and my sister lives out there, there really isn't a reason why we shouldn't go visit more often. Well, other than the fact that life gets in the way by way of work, school, sickness, etc.

Monday, October 8, 2007

the big box, dad, and it still hasn't gotten old yet

*the simplicity of a big cardboard box. Watching Sam climb in, over, and around it like it was the best thing in the world is better than watching him have, well... the best thing in the world!

*Having my dad around. Just hanging out with him. Just talking about nothing. It was never like this growing up. Makes me look forward to him coming out again... real soon.

*Rianne STILL so excited about her newly peirced ears! I thought it'd grow old telling everyone around that she JUST got her ears pierced, but... NOPE! I'm starting to get over that guilty feeling of piercing her tiny perfect ears.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

just lying around, newly pierced, little dancing queen

* a lazy day laying on the living room floor browsing the web and watching Saturday afternoon TV.

* a great girly date with Rianne to get her ears pierced. Seeing her newly pierced ears in the hand mirror immediately took away the tears. Watching her proudly exclaim to everyone, everywhere we went that she just got her ears pierced.

* watching Rianne dance last night at the football game during half-time. A whole 3 minute dance knowing she was freezing her tail off and still seeig that big smile on her face. She's a natural and i love seeing her show it off.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Can you believe it!!???? Daylon's first year playing organized soccer and his team makes it to the championships!!!! First game went into overtime after a amazing game. His second game was played immediately afterwards. It went into overtime and then into sudden death. They lost by one goal and the kids took it a bit too hard. But they made 2nd place! And to me, that totally rocks! It was a edge-of-the-seat, gut-wrenching game the whole time and those kids totally deserved it... they worked their tales off!!!

Their trophy's are awesome! they have a spinning soccer ball on it and they have optical illusions of shooting stars. The first place trophy's were exactly the same only a little bit bigger.

I'm sure they'll be in the newspaper (at least I'm HOPING they'll put the 2nd place winners there too). I wished i had my camera there but i didn't realize that this was the FINAL games. So i did what i could and used my cell-phone camera. I wanted one of the whole team but i didn't realize that my phone was FULL (thanks to Sam. I gave him my phone to keep him busy during the games and he used up all the photo space on the phone) and i had to delete a ton before i could take any pictures. I ended up with one of just him. And even though it's a crappy one....... it's totally a keeper!!!!!! I just can't be prouder of the little man!

I'm really sad that DarRell missed it. I guess that was my fault since my dad came down to go hunting and decided to go up on the mountain last night. i didn't exactly want my dad up there by himself so DarRell stayed the night with him. I know he's going to feel bad not being able to see Daylon play, especially the championships. I did send him the picture though trying to make up for it. I'm hoping that he doesn't feel like I'm grinding it in.

So......... here's to you Daisy Daylon!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

September layouts & more

not too shabby. I finished quite a few layouts and cards. About 30 in all. I wish i could have done more but time just gets away from me.


* feeling the tension and excitement coming off the field last night at Daylon's soccer game. It was so raw and heavy. It's not everyday you feel something like that

* just sitting back and relaxing with no interruptions... even if only for a few minutes.

* the wind in my hair. the wind makes such a terrible mess outside but i love feeling it rush through my hair... so refreshing.