Thursday, November 18, 2010


in a ploy to put off studying (reading, writing, and just plain thinking), here are my current thoughts and ponderings…

listening: some of my favorite songs on iTunes

eating: a egg sandwich on chili cheese bread

drinking: a monster drink to keep me going

wearing: comfy jeans and a snap up “cowgirl” shirt

feeling: full of energy and yet… not 

weather: a bit chilly

wanting: to get on with life… I feel like I’m on hiatus

needing: to do some homework so I can finish this accounting class

thinking: nothing of anything of good use

enjoying: the butterflies in my stomach

wondering: what’s next?

My how they’ve grown!

2010-11 school pictures
School pictures have finally made it home (over a 3 month span… really, can’t they all just have them done at the same time?) and I’m amazed, as I trade old school pictures out for new ones, at how much they’ve grown over the last year.
Daylon is in the 7th grade and *almost* a teenager.  I love that little big man.  He’s got a personality like nothing else and keeps me rolling with laughter and proudness at how he’s just HIM.  He’s quick with the tongue, and is one of the most even tempered people I know.  I love seeing how at ease he is with himself and those around him.  I love watching him  as he is becoming such a handsome and wonderfully perfect young man.  He’s unique and hands down, one of my best buddies.
Rianne is in the 3rd grade this year and almost 9 (geez… slow down on the growing up!).  This kid is a wiz!  She’s brilliant and I’m not exactly sure where she gets it from!  She’s our *GIRL*, and although we may not know exactly how she ticks quite yet, she’s an awesome young lady.  She’s friendly and has a great sense of who she is and what she wants to be.  Of the three, she is the most dedicated and focused.  She knocks my socks off every time I turn around and I’m in complete awe of her.  I’m lucky to have her as my daughter.  (And may I add, I’m so glad that her teeth finally started coming in for school pictures.  She’s been sporting her snaggle-tooth look for almost a year.  I must admit admit, she looks much better with teeth LOL)
Sam is in his second year of preschool and sporting the four year old status.  He’s constantly cracking me up with his witty personality.  He’s quite the smooth talker already (I’m dreading the older years when he’s using it on everyone else) and can talk us into just about anything or get himself out of trouble.  He’s on his own course in life, and it’s been interesting in watching him grow and learn at his own pace.  He aims to please, but on his own terms, which I just love and admire.  It seems as though he’s inherited his stubbornness from both his parents, meaning he’s doubly as stubborn and the other two kids, which I imagine will work to his advantage in his life.  This little guy of my rocks!