Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tooth number 4

The weirdest thing happened last night.
I was on facebook, reading a status update of cousin Marla and reading the drama that entales a seven year old and loosing her third tooth. It wasn't more than just a few seconds later that Rianne came upstairs and told me she couldn't sleep cause her front tooth was bothering her.
Her best buddies have been loosing teeth all over the place. One of her besties in particular lost his tooth at school yesterday prompting Rianne to think that she really needs to loose these three teeth of hers that have been loose for months and months.
I checked her tooth in question, and sure enough, it was pretty loose. In fact, it was a LOT looser than when i checked it that morning
(it IS becomeing a morning and evening ritual
as of lately!)

I proceeded to give it a bit of a yank but it never came out but got even looser. I told her to go check with her dad (who bascially rolled his eyes and told me this morning that i pawned her off on him...whatever!), who in turn sent her back to me. She really wanted it out, so we both took a deep breathe and i gave it a good pull. The kid has got an amazing threshold of pain! It bled and bled and bled and not once did she say anything.

So, she is now the proud owner of a toothless grin and a handful of change from the poor toothfairy. Seriously... the toothfairy should really be made aware of things like this ahead of time, espeically when Rianne makes the comment that the toothfairy brought 5 bucks for her friends tooth! Thankfully, she didn't say anything about how much she got (a whole $1.30 in coins)

...she must have gotten blinded by the pile of sparkly change sitting there for her!