Friday, September 28, 2007

understanding, garden goodness & lazyness.

finially understanding why Sam is the way he is at night and only at nights (and Daylon on his bad nights). If it weren't for Shallon telling me about Tucker's night terrors, i'd be totally lost and still freaking out.

cheap easy dinners from the garden. Tomato sandwiches, speghetti squash, cucumber salad, corn. All those great meals taken straight from the garden. Makes me want to do even better next year.

lazy friday nights. Nothing on TV and everyone home. It almost never happens. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no expectations. Tonight? updating our quarter collection that we've been dying to do for almost a year now!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Total Momsence... and i totally get it!

if this isn't the funniest thing ever... i don't know what is. If anyone has ever been around kids for any amount of time, they'll get this.... TOTALLY!!!! I watched on TV this morning with DarRell, and to see him laughing about it as much as i was was so relieving because, i guess he gets it just as much as i do!

You might need to scroll down the bottom of my page to turn off the music so you can get the whole effect! And it'll help if you play it more than once to catch everything!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

knowing that it's cold enough in the mornings to turn on the furnace. The smell (burned dust perhaps?) of using the furnace for the first time after a long summer just screams out fall... i absolutely love it.

The full moon..... and watching it come up over the mountains. I tried and tried to get a good picture of it and it just didn't work out no matter how hard i tried. It was such a beautiful sight... i just wish i could have shared it with everyone!

strength and passion and standing up for what's right. Seeing DarRell finally take action instead of backing away from confurtation (sp?). I knew it was in there somewhere in him. Makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daylon's leaf collection. It has made DarRell so incredibly happy to be back doing a bit of botany. He's missed it so much more than he thought it would. If it weren't for him bringing in our income, I'd suggest he do it for a living. He's so much happier doing something he loves than something that... well, he doesn't love as much.

The smell of clean. I only got around to getting the armour cleaned off in our room, but it feels so much better. And the smell of almond wood cleanser/conditioner... ahhhhhhh... it sure does beat the smell of dust. Well... i guess most anything smells better than dust.

watching Rianne's hair in the wind as she runs. I love hearing all the comments about how long and beautiful her hair is. I can only live vicariously through her cause heaven knows that hair like hers will never sport my head. Somewhere in the mix of me and DarRell, there seems to be some great hair genes in there... so glad it was our daughter who got them!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

{quiet} just the silence and me. I guess i wasn't cut out to having all the children that we (expecially DarRell) wish i could have had. I truely would have died a early death of something stress related.

Just the pure excitement of the thought of us getting another washer and dryer... DOWNSTAIRS! No more having to lug stuff upstairs and then downstairs and then upstairs and then.... you get the picture. I can already feel myself getting giddy about it all!

rain. It's cold outside but i love the rain... expecially the smell. Now all i need is a cozy corner to read and watch the rain coming down.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


*Kim, this is for you (wink)
i found this sight while surfing: Three Beautiful Things. I was thinking to myself that i really needed to find something every day to be thankful for, beyond the obvious. I was just going to scrap it with a deck of cards (or two or three or...) but i decided that i'm not able to get to my scrapping stuff everyday but i am at the computer every day. I'm sure i won't keep up everyday but when i remember, it will be a great thing to do for myself.
Sam's kisses. Even though they are goobery, very wet, and almost gaggy gross kisses, they are his kisses (and i could REALLY do without the tongue involved. Nothing more scarey than a baby coming straight at your face with his tongue hanging out for a kiss). He kisses me more than any of the other kids did when they were this young.

i love this. I know it doesn't say much about me but thats what i'm screaming out when i can't say in words.

work wednesdays. I Love my Wednesdays. I Love my work. I Love the people i work with and ALL the people i work for. If it weren't for Wednesdays, i would be committed...... most definately.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

those few fleeting moments when everyone is gone and the baby is asleep. They don't last more than a minute or two before the phone rings, someone rings the doorbell, whatever... but those few minutes are pure bliss.

seeing Grandpa with his grandchildren. He's really got a soft spot for all of them regardless of what anyone says.

cucumbers and tomatoes on toast with a little bit of salt and pepper. Turns out it hit the spot just perfectly. Tomarrow... grilled cheese and tomatoes.

Monday, September 17, 2007

the wonderful stories Rianne tells me when I'm doing her hair in the mornings. Today it was about moving to Salt Lake with Ali. When i asked her why she didn't want to live here with us she said that it was because we were going to be grandparents. I told her that she or her brothers had to have kids before we were grandparents. Then she told me she knew who she was going to marry. She told me Cooper (all the kids love Cooper, even the boys). Cause he's SO cute and he told her that he was going to marry her so she was going to marry him. But she wasn't going to have kids because she didn't want to yell at them ("it's not very nice to yell at your kids, so I'm not going to have any"). That part totally broke my heart because i do tend to raise my voice a bit too much. Leave it to the innocent children to put your life back into perspective.

Dancing to Sam's mobile music with him. Just dancing around the room and not caring how silly i look.

The weather in the evenings when it's too cool for a short sleeved shirt but too warm for a sweater. Hoodie weather for sure, i love it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Last Kiss * Although most people who know me would be absolutely shocked (and maybe appalled?) that i loved this movie. It totally diverts from my outward appearances/beliefs that i watched this movie... and heaven forbid it, actually love this movie. You know, the try to do right Mormon girl who's only lived in Utah her whole life (BTW - i really hate being classified as that. Anyone outside of Utah finds out I'm a "Utah Mormon" and automatically I'm one of those polygamist sister wives that have 27 children. COME ON! Really! All i am is a girl who really only wants to find herself. I just so happened to grow up with a LDS mother with LDS beleifs and a father who said never to bring it home. Granted, i didn't grow up in a typical Mormon home, but the basic values were there and that was how i was raised). But you know what, i totally get it. I totally got that movie. I completely felt it. I loved it so much. OK - i could have really done without the girl on girl action in the beginning though (do guys really like that? BARF!). It's got a GREAT moral to the story (minus the girl-on-girl) and in so many ways i can relate to it. Who wants a life where there are no more surprises? In all reality, that in itself is pretty scary.

Stars * i gazed out my door last night at about 2:30am after getting up with Sam. I was in complete awe over how beautiful it was out there. Not a cloud in the sky and all i could see was the bright stars. I could get lost in a night like that. Too bad i was completely wiped out, physically and emotionally, to stay up and take it all in.

Sam Smiles * his smile truely lights up a room. Even in the darkest, saddest times you can't help but to smile back at him. And even better, he smiles ALL the time.

Monday, September 10, 2007

After getting a bit of goodies from August's Club Scrap kit for my DT stuff from TSoS, i decided i loved it so much that i went and bought me the rest of the kit.

This is what i've done with it so far:

i've got a ton more to use out of it but i've also got to move on with more DT stuff too.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yup... this is my life now.

Looking back in the rear-view mirror this is what my life looks like. Not too shabby. I've got the best looking kids around, nobody can tell me different. I wouldn't change a thing about it all. Who cares that i'm usually exhasperated with them for not listening, for teasing, for them just being kids. They are totally worth it. And i just LOVE this picture. It may be the only i have of the three of them together, even if it means having to tie them all down to get it!

(ok - so we do have some REALLY good portraits of the kids taken a while back. It was torture then too but DANG they turned out good! Take a look at them here: Real life... captured. Click on the thumbnails to see them bigger)