Monday, February 8, 2010

a bit more scrappi-ness

because, first, it's been done for a while
and secondly, it feels really good to be back scrapbooking!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rianne's Baptism

This weekend Rianne got baptized.  We waited an extra month to do it so we could get a bit more organized after the big holidays and so that more family could make it out.
Rianne was tickled pink to be able to share her big day with her cousin, Talmage.  There is only a week difference between the two of them (Rianne being the oldest of the two of them).
It was a good day.  Rianne felt like the princess for the day.

She got a new dress complete with shoes and all the little "accessories" to make it special. 

She got her hair all dolled up (which actually made it through the WHOLE day, during the baptism itself and after!)
She had a lot of family supporting her.  Lots of family there to celebrate her big day.  Lots of congratulations and a few gifts and cards to remember her day by.
And by the day's end, with bellies full of pizza, we all called it a successful day...

... and remind her of how proud we are of her.