Friday, February 29, 2008


YES! today is a bonus day! I love to think that maybe i might be able to catch up on a few things i let slide this week and still be "Okay" because i have one extra day this month. Ok... i really don't know if i'll actually accomplish anything today. I did catch up on the dishes i didn't get to last night because my headache morphed into some horrendace monster that kept me on the couch writhing in pain. I've also started on another load of laundry in my never-ending heap. But today puts me ahead of the game... or so i like to think.

and honestly, what's better than a couple of kids fresh out of the tub? I love the fact that these two can still bathe together. It won't be long, though, till they'll have to have seperate baths. That will definately put a kink in my routine. But for now, i'll enjoy the fact that these two love bath time together and in the process i kill two birds with one stone... so to speak.

As you can tell, we are on the mend for the most part. Sam still has a bit of congestion. But, for the first time in two months, he slept through most the night. From 9:30 to 4:30 he slept by himself in his own bed. I can't tell you how much life that put back into everyone elses soul. It's amazing what a little bit more sleep in a person can do to their whole attitude. DarRell woke up and commented on how great it was to get more than 2 hours of sleep in one night. I'm really hoping the extra sleep i got last night helps kick this crap of a cold i've got.

Tonight i hope to get in a "bonus day" of scrapping. There is a cyber crop i'm dying to go to tonight and through the weekend. I'm sure i won't get all the time to myself and i want but i do have a bunch of pictures i've set aside to scrap in hopes to get them done. I need to finish going through my 2007 photos and see what i need to scrap to finish up the year. I'm proud to say that i've scrapped nearly the whole year of 2007. Totally a first in my book. If i keep up with this year, i'll be able to keep moving on with the kids earlier years. For now, i just want to stay current.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

we will never get better...

Just when i think we are doing ok and are on the mend, someone gets sick again. There has been someone in our house sick... since January. DarRell and I held out until this last trip that we took to Tooele. The night we got home i got some nasty tummy bug that had me down for 5 straight days. I guess one good thing about a tummy bug is that it gives you a upper hand on dieting for a few days. Nobody else got that one, thank goodness. The rest of us (including me now) have been battleing a nasty cold. Sam has been sick non-stop now since the middle of January. It feels like we have a newborn in the house again cause NOBODY is getting any sleep. Poor DarRell is just a walking zombie. Sam doesn't want anyone but him, expecially at night. So needless to say, DarRell's nights are longer than his days lately.
I haven't been doing a lot scrappy wise. I think i've only done three layouts in the last few weeks.
(*hinkt - click on the pictures to enlarge them)

This one i did for Lori. I submitted it to her LSS for a sketch contest they are having. The dead-line is in a few days so i'm glad that i got it done and submitted. And i'm super lucky to even have these pictures! My disks that i had all of July pictures on were misteriously erased. It totally made me sick. But when i was looking through my camera memory cards to make room for Grandma's funeral, i found the whole set again!!!!!! WHEW! Apparently i hadn't erased my memory card when i got the pictures put to disk... what a luck break. Of all the pictures to loose, this set was the hardest. It had all of the 4th of july on it (fireworks, parade and Fish Lake photos), Daylon's birthday, 24th of July photos of when Mike and Kristin were down from California, the kids first day of school, Sam's first big steps, and our new dog! Luckly i had scrapped about 70% of them but Daylon's birthday was one of them that i hadn't scrapped yet... along with the 24th of july and Fish Lake.

I decided i needed a change of pace and started on some 2008 photos. What better photos to scrap then DarRell's birthday photos. I think the only other photos i have of 2008 are of sick times or of sad times anyways.

I was cleaning off my computer table and found this puzzle from Rianne from the first day of school (I know what you are saying... Yes... my computer table is the catch-all of the house. This is the place we put everything when we just don't know where to put it but still want to keep it) I thought i'd scrap it so that i could have it in a safe place. I thought Rianne was going to come undone. She did not like the idea of me scrapping her puzzle. Of course, i won out but she's still pouting over it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandma's funeral

We left friday right after the kids got out of school to head up north to my grandmothers funeral. I went to the viewing friday evening with my mom and oldest sister. It was nice. Grandma didn't look like grandma but she looked good, expecially considering all she went through in her last days. Amazingly her hair went from grey/white back to her natural color... very strange but that is what made her look more like hereself than some stranger in a box. The family drama was high Friday evening.

It was quite a awkward experience seeing family that i haven't seen, in some cases, for many many many years. Weird that we still all acted like absolute strangers to each other even. Only one of my cousins came up and talked with me like old days (thanks Mickey). I guess for the most part we were all strangers growing up anyways so i guess it shouldn't be so strange. I spent most of my childhood away from the extended family. Me more-so than the rest of my siblings.
Mom handled everything VERY well. I guess she just "gets" it. I don't know how that makes it any easier but somehow she handled it so much better than anyone else.

Saterday morning my baby sister flew in for the day with her baby to go to the funeral. I haven't seen her since Sam was only a few months old. I got to see her little (big) man. He's such a doll!

We spent the morning/afternoon with family at the viewing. It was super tough to see the casket closed. Rianne REALLY had a rough time at that part. Totally broke my heart and made me regret taking the kids (although i didn't have much of a choice).

I got to see Ray and his boys. I miss him so much. It was great seeing him and i know we won't see him again for a long time. He was one of the pallbearers for the graveside.

It was a beautiful graveside service. It was a site to see the grandboys (most of them anyways) carry her casket across the snow.

We had a family luncheon after the graveside. All the grandchildren were given savings bonds that grandma had made out for each of us. It was a very nice surprise. Each of Grandma's children were given a bag that included her last will and a few odds and ends that grandma put together before she passed away. I'm guessing that she's been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. All the grandchildren got to take home a vase full of flowers from her services. It was a very nice idea. I like the idea of being able to enjoy the flowers instead of the thought of them dying away at the graveside.

All in all it was a good service. I really enjoyed seeing my family again. I really miss my brother and sisters. And i hate the fact that we never get to see eachother.

Grandma Mauch... may you rest in peace

Myrle N. Mauch
(April 10, 1925 - February 11, 2008)

“In Loving Memory, you’ll be missed”

“Together Again”

Our beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother was called home to be reunited with her love Henry, and our Heavenly Father on February 11, 2008. Myrle was born April 10, 1925 in Mayfield, Utah. A talented quilter and a love of slots, she was always eager to make a new friend.

Myrle is survived by six children, Angie McDonald (Merrill), Sherry Talbert (Tony), Jann Shell, Scott Mills (Dawndra), Cindy Garrett (Johnny) and Twila Burnham (Larry); 19 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren.

A special thanks to Jordan Valley Hospital, Woodland Park and Bennion Care Centers, and Jennifer and Sharon at IMC.

Graveside services will be held, Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 1:00 P.M. at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 East 10600 South, Sandy, Utah. A viewing will be held at Redwood Memorial Estates, 6500 South Redwood Road, West Jordan on Friday, February 15, 2008 from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. for friends and family.

Published in the Salt Lake Tribune on 2/14/2008.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

January Layouts

January was a good month. Scrapwise anyways. I followed along with Big Picture Scrapbookings LOAD January challenge. I'm so proud of myself for doing it and actually finishing it 100%. I did a total of 41 layouts, cards, projects for January... not too shabby.

Monday, February 11, 2008


My grandmother passed away this morning. She was taken off life support this morning and died 10 minutes later. It sounds so morbid, but i'm glad she's gone. It was so wrong for her to be kept alive for as long as she was. She is now is in a much better place, and with Henry. May she rest in peace.

I'll be leaving friday afternoon and be away for a long weekend to be with family. It will be a much needed visit.

My mom is doing very well with the news. Not much the same can be said for the rest of my aunts, my uncle and my grandfather though. Me... I'm doing good. I'm a bit numb but taking it well. A bit weepy but good. It was time for her to go and i know that. Somehow that makes it a bit easier.

He's back!

I can't tell you how happy I am to have my little man back. We went back in to see the doctor on friday and Sam came out a free man (baby). She (his doctor) took him off his oxygen completely! She said that his lungs sound 100% better. His O2 stats were up considerably. His ears, throat, and nose look wonderful. Apparently he made a miraculous recovery because they didn't expect him to be off his oxygen at night for at least another week or two.

It's amazing to see the change in him. He's back to his old self, tantrums and all. I'd take all the tantrums in the world not to have him so sick and lathargic. And he's soooo happy. He wakes up happy, he's happy all day, he's just such a happy baby!

But there has been other changes.

As of last night, he's decided he doesn't want bottles anymore!!! YAYAY!!! It had nothing to do with us either.

And... he's decided that he doesn't like wet/dirty diapers. You can always tell when his diaper is bothering him, he tried his hardest to get your attention to change him. He's started grabing clean diapers and bringing them to us and begains to strip down so we can change him. I have a feeling that potty training may be in the future. A lot closer than i had ever imagined. Good thing too cause having to change is diaper every time he wets it is killing us in the diaper department!

Other news:
*Brandy and her clan is soooo sick. I feel so bad for them. The girls have had a terrible bout of a nasty stomach bug. Poor Hailey had to be hospitalized because of dehydration. Zachary has a terrible cough, i beleive they said it was broncitis. I REALLY hope they get better soon, they've had their share of sickies to last a few years.

*I got a phone call from my dad last night. My Grandma Mauch is in a coma. Apparently she had another stroke and stopped breathing. The people at the rehabilitation center she's now staying at didn't find her until she was blue. They took her by ambulance to the hospital but on the way she stopped breathing again. I guess with all the recestitation, she ended up with a broken rib and a punctured lung. She is now at the hospital in a coma. I was told last night that they weren't sure she'd make it through the night. Mom has been with her since yesterday i guess. I haven't gotten any news yet today, so maybe that means that Grandma is still alive and breathing. I'm not sure that is exactly a good thing though. She's been wanting to go for some time now. Her husband passed away a couple years ago on Christmas day. She hasn't been the same since.

*Kaye is working her tail off. I got a email from her the other day. It's soooo good to hear from her. I miss my family dearly. And i really wish i could see my brother, i miss him tons. I'll be able to see Brandy and her family in July. I can't wait till then!!! Hopefully i'll be able to meet up with Kaye soon and hang out and scrapbook.

Monday, February 4, 2008

final diagnosis... RSV and Phenmonia

Sam had a follow-up doctor's appointment today. We got the rest of his diagnosis. His RSV test came back and he does have RSV. Our doctor said that the majority of the phenmonia cases in babies right now are caused from RSV so i guess it was no surprise to them. They said we were quite lucky to not having to be hospitalized. We were hoping we could drop the oxygen after today but his oxygen levels are still not up where they want them yet so we are still on a rubber tube leash for at least a few more days. We go back again Wednesday after his last dosage of antiboidics.

The good news is that he is starting to feel much better. He started to finially come out of his funk last night. He is still very clingy but he started talking and smiling yesterday. It's been so long since he's actually smiled that i had almost forgotten what it was like. I can't tell you how happy i am to see him smile again. Even that little glimmer of a smile in his eyes makes me feel like we are back on the mend finially. In fact, he was in such a good mood yesterday that i took advantage of it and cut his hair.

These are a few pictures that we took in the exam room while we were waiting for the doc to come in. And, yes, i do carry a point and shoot camera in my purse/bag. I love having my camera around for all those times i wish i had it. Today it came in good use keeping Sam busy while we waiting.

Friday, February 1, 2008

a turn for the worse

After a long night of his cough getting gradually worse, his breathing getting more shallow and being unable to keep his temperature under 102 while maxed out on meds, DarRell took Sam in to see the doc bright and early this morning to wait until they had a small opening.

They thought he might have croup but decided to rule out RSV and phenmonia by taking chest x-rays and a "snot" sample. Tests all came back saying that he did have phenomnia. They had to give him a steroid shot to open up his lungs more, put him on oxygen and gave him a shot of mega-dose antiboidics. After monitering him for a couple hours, they let him come home but he has to be on oxygen 24/7

I'm so glad to say that after the super-dose of anitboidics, his temperature has FINIALLY broke. He wants to eat again which in itself is great but he only wants oreos and m&m's (Pssttt...... Maria! green ones! He's addicted now! He LOVES them! LOLOL. The other two kids are convinced that his ears are thoroughly cleaned out) so he's not too happy with us since we won't let him gorge himself on them. We finially let him back on a little milk again since he's finially keeping all his food down again. But we are taking it slow since he hasn't eaten hardly anything but water since Sunday when all this started coming on. He hates his oxygen and i can't say i blame him. It's a royal pain in the butt to drag the hose around the house and it absolutely bugs his nose. He spends most of his time fighting with us trying to tear it off. He's started getting up and walking around again. Again, something he hasn't done a whole lot of for nearly a week. Poor little guy staggers around, falls and tips over like he's a drunken bum. He's gone from being lethargic and clingy to being whiny and clingy and just plain not happy unless you are standing up and holding him. It may turn out to be a few VERY long nights (as if we haven't been sleeping already) for us since he's not sleeping well now that he's feeling a little bit better. And did i mention that the oxygen is bugging him something feirce? Apparently having a tube wrapped around your little head, blowing air up your nose is rather uncomfortable and makes sleep nearly impossible.

We take him back to see the doc on Monday. Here's hoping the anitboidics do their job and finially kick this crud right out of him. I'm so ready for a break in the sickies. We all are. And bless DarRell's soul for being such the strong sweetheart he is by putting up with a paranoid, blubbery and very worried mommy while also comforting his sick little baby. It's enough to just melt my heart. And if i wasn't still such a blubbery mess i'd be able to tell him how much that means to me without having to have a translator.