Monday, May 19, 2008

in the last week...

Graduating Kindergarten.

Mrs. Albrecht has been a AWESOME teacher. Rianne already misses her. Graduation was fun. I think I'm going to miss Rianne being in school. She easily bored and i feel this will be a long summer without it being chuck full of activities and fun.

We go back tomorrow for end of the year testing and then off to first grade she goes!

Daylon still has a week left of school. He's now counting down the hours!


Dance Dance Dance

Saturday was the kids dance recital. We've spent the last week back and forth between dance classes, rehearsal and finally recital.

It was SUPER cute! I just love these dance recitals even if DarRell doesn't so much. Both kids had told me that they want to do it again next year! I'm excited. Apparently it was SO bad after all.

I can't wait to see all the pictures that everyone else got. Joline got the first bunch and DarRell ended up getting the second bunch. So hopefully we got a good combination of it all.

Here are their professional pictures they had taken at the studio... SUPER cute! Rianne's group picture was a tad bit scary but Daylon's turned out great.


We've been working pretty hard around the yard lately. I'm determined to get some sod in before it gets TOO incredibly hot (although the last few days seem pretty darn hot).

We built a little fence in the front yard and i planted some pansy seeds in front of the fence. Hopefully they'll grow.

The back yard is slowly moving along. We've been digging trenches for the sprinkler system for the last few days. Even if i have to do it myself, it will get it done. I've been doing a lot of weeding and planting of veggies. Love it! So far I've got in two tomato plants, spaghetti squash, some garlic and some onions. I've also planted quite a few pots of flowers for the front steps. None of the pots match but it looks quite springy.

We inherited a trampoline. It's taking up a lot of the backyard but the kids are so excited to have it. We will be moving the swing set to the other side of the old house with the tree house to make room for the trampoline and the swimming pool.

This coming weekend marks the end of the school year and the starting point of gutting the old house and remodling it into a shop/guest house. Frankly i can't wait to get started on it. I know it's going to go a LOT slower than i could ever imagine but at least we have a starting point.


Heather said...

Those dance pics are just fab! I think it is so cool that your son danced as well...been trying to get my guy to dance but he just won't do it! LOL!

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