Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one more milestone hit

Rianne has been waiting for this day for MONTHS. That little tiny tooth has been loose for 3 months now. Finally it's happened. She played with it until it wiggled enough that she couldn't stand not to take it out. After her asking me a million times to check it, i finally grabbed it and popped that little baby out. The girl turned immediately giddy at the thought that she just lost a tooth. Giggling, like... well... a 6 year old! LOL.

I have NO idea what teeth are going for now-a-days but I'm sure it's more than we, ahem... the tooth fairy can afford (BTW... Daylon asked if he could be the one to leave her the money. I was shocked at the comment and asked how he knew. He said that he just figured it out. No doubt that the "Santa Clause" talk from his dad contributed to this. I still stand by my decision with his decision on that). So $5 it was. DarRell suggested $1 (cheapskate) but left the decision to me. I figured it's her FIRST tooth, she should get more. I'm sure Daylon got just as much, but DarRell doesn't believe me.

We inherited a trampoline over the weekend. The kids are ecstatic. Sam feels picked on and left out cause i just won't let him have free rein on the thing. He actually did quite well but being the paranoid mother i am, i nearly had a heart attack. I think he was on it for a total of maybe 10 minutes before i snatched him off and ran him into the house screaming and kicking.

Funny thing about these pictures. It doesn't show one ounce of the work we've done on the back yard. How disappointing. Yes, there are a TON of weeds still there but you don't see what's done of the trenches dug for the sprinkler system. Or the SMALL veggie garden I've got going on. Or the super adorable tree house we built. All you see is a terribly weedy back yard and the pipe racks. And about those pipe racks. The swimming pool will be going in front of them (YAY! this weekend will be the weekend we put it up. This weekend also marks the start of gutting the old house, everything is coming out, starting with the HUGE swimming pool!!! We will no longer be a storage unit for everyone else, including ourselves). But I'm also thinking about putting up some lattice or something to help hide them... UGHH it's such a eye sore with all those ladders and pipes everywhere. I'm all for hiding what i can and this just may be the starting point. I think that will be on my list first thing to buy at the first of the month (who knew lattice cost so much!).


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