Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obviously i'm not the typical Utah fan...

Last night was the American Idol 7 finale.
I love David Archuleta and honestly, what Utahn isn't so incredibly proud of him! He is SO incredibly talented! He's amazing. But in truth, i was totally rooting for David Cook.

Does that make me a terrible Utahn? Not being there to back up "our" American Idol 100%?

I must admit, I'm not much into the crooning (sorry David A.), I'm much more of a rocker. I could totally get lost in his gruff, rock-n-roll voice. *SIGH*

Sadly i didn't keep up the all the AI buzz until the last two episodes. Makes me sad that i missed it all. But i did go back and listen to all the songs from the dueling Davids and i stand by my vote, David Cook is the winner in my book.
Sadly, I'm sure the heart of my buddy, the FedEx overnight delivery man, is smashed to a million little pieces. He made it (almost painfully) obvious that he is a AVID fan of David A. He made it a point that i MUST vote for David A, since i was a fellow Utahn. After 10 minutes of the low down of what was going to happen here in the state of Utah for our little favorite American Idol, he gave me my package. I didn't have the heart to tell him that David Cook was my man. I was tempted, just to see his face. But honestly, i didn't have another 10 minutes to chat with him.

So here's to you Mr. FedEx guy. If you listen closely you will hear 3 of my absolute favorite David Cook songs... just for you.


Heather said...

I totally hear ya on David everything about him! David A can definitely sing but Cook is definitely more my style.

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