Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we're just glad he's not shorter...

I love Home Depot. Home Depot is the ONLY place here open on Sunday. There is ALWAYS something we need that we no doubt forgot to pick up on Saturday that we needed to finish up on Sunday. This last weekend was no exception, except that it was a holiday weekend, which makes it a LONG weekend if you've forgotten something. Digging the sprinkler system happened to go a bit faster/farther than DarRell had anticipated for the weekend and we ended up with not enough pipe to finish up what we had started. So, instead of waiting till Tuesday and wasting all of Monday because we didn't have enough to finish up, we decided to take a little trip to Home Depot to get enough pipe to finish up where the swimming pool will sit, and then get the rest on Tuesday.

I also had this great idea of putting lattice in front of the pipe rack to cover it up a little bit. So while we were there i thought we'd go take a look at the wood poles they have there and at least get started on the hole digging i had in store for me if i wanted to get going on it. Who would have known that that very day, i would be forever thankful that my little guy is as little as he is.

As we were walking down the wood isles, Sam took off running. The next thing we knew he was on the ground, face down screaming. DarRell took off running towards him, and rolled him over to see his face covered in blood and him holding his eyes. Before i even realized what was going on, DarRell had him to the front of the store rummaging through their first aid kit. Apparently, a store employee was demonstrating a new product, a metal beam that takes place of a board in between two posts. They had left this metal beam on top of a cart in the middle of the isle going cross ways. When Sam took off, he hit head on into this beam hitting him right across his nose. After cleaning him up, we realized that we were so incredibly lucky that he wasn't just a bit shorter than he is. It could have been so much worse. He ended up with a nice gash on his nose.

It looks so much better the day after it happened. It's not as swollen, and the gash healed over quite nicely. Today it actually looks worse than it has in days since the scab is starting to get darker. We spent the first couple of days trying to keep it covered so the gunk stayed out of it. However, the only bandaids we own right now that are small enough to cover a little nose are Scooby-Doo bandaids. Cute but they draw attention to the poor little guy like a sore thumb.

As for what happened at the store. They had us fill out a incedent report. We had a personal shopper follow us around for the rest of the trip (perhaps the guy who left the beam out?) and i've never had anyone treat us as nicely as they had that day.


Maria said...

Oh, poor little face! But it's still just as handsome as ever!

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