Thursday, May 22, 2008

should i be embarrassed? Maybe just a little

i read this blog occasionally (ok... daily). She cracks me up and i just seriously want to be like her somedays. She updates her blog daily, sometimes even several times a day (which comes VERY useful for me when I'm avoiding stuff i should be doing like the plague) and has TONS of great tips and whatever, AND she's just plain entertaining.

Today she has this messy car thing going on right now. My first thought was: "YES!!! I'm SO doing this!" But then i let reality hit. I am so NOT doing this. For one, it's just super cold outside right now. Secondly. I just don't have the patience to chase down Sam while trying to clean out the van (or even the truck). I just don't have it in me today. And really, do you really want to know what is in my van? REALLY? i can guarantee it's not the cleanest (but i'm guessing that is the point). I'm positive it consists of lots of junk mail and food crumbs. I'm pretty sure its got a lot of odds and ends in there too. I know there are at least a half of dozen water bottles, some probably open. A month or two of trash mail piling up between the front seats on top of a box of tissues, some hand wipes and other odds and ends i usually keep in the van. A diaper bag that needs to REALLY be refilled with stuff that actually fits the little guy now. Winter hats and gloves for all three kids and one pair of snow boots minus the match (? i have NO idea where it went to, thus why it's still sitting under the seat in the van... hopefully one day it'll appear again and we'll have them both together). At least one jacket. Which reminds me that there is also at least a pair of 24M jeans in there that DarRell peeled of Sam while waiting for me to finish up in the store... apparently he leaked through them. There is probably a shirt and a pair of socks and maybe even shoes to match somewhere in there that just never got taken out due to groceries that needed to get in first. What i hope isnt' there is a diaper. A used diaper of any sort. I DO try to get those out ASAP. But i'm not going to guarantee it, expecially since i'm not the only one to use the van or take the kids out with me, namely the only one who uses diapers in this house.

And not only does it have THAT stuff in it that i know of, it also has some serious scrubbing down to do inside. I do know that there is a old hot chocolate stain/mess on the dashboard from when DarRell hit a rock and stopped us dead in the middle of the road. Everything that wasn't bolted down ended up at the front of the van including my hot chocolate..... all over the passenger dashboard. It's still not cleaned up except for the initial "hurry and mop up what we can and we'll get the rest later" clean up. There is also the usual vacuum the floorboard of all the trash. For some reason, the kids can't seem to remember that the floor is NOT a trash can and proceed to drop everything on the seats or the floor if it doesn't go in their mouths.

Maybe perhaps, i NEED to clean out my(ahem... DarRell's van) van today. I should probably find that little ounce in me that can do this today and do it. Maybe, just maybe, Sam will be easier to handle than i imagine.


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