Thursday, May 8, 2008

the season is over?

Already? didn't it just start?

it's true. All my favorite shows are coming up on their season finales here soon. I have two weeks of new episodes and then... nothing. I guess that is a good thing though. Sitting in front of the TV all evening long just isn't a good thing. Especially during the summer time. Who wants to be vegging in front of the TV when they could be outside enjoying a great summer evening? So in two weeks, i will no longer be glued to the TV all evening long. Sad but true.

Last night was Rianne's first T-ball game. It was freezing cold. It was raining and the wind was blowing super hard. 4 teams of cute little 6 year olds toughed it out and played two innings of ball. They were so much tougher than their parents... we are wimps! Rianne loves T-ball. I don't know if it's because of the actual game or just because that is where all her cute little friends are. She is quite the social butterfly and it shows off AND on the field. I didn't get any pictures this time around because i thought for sure they wouldn't be playing due to the weather. Next time... i promise.

This year Daylon begged to not have to play baseball, so we agreed. Now he's changed his mind and has decided that just maybe, next year, he'll want to play. I can't help love our new neighbors because of that! Daylon and the cute little redhead across the street have become best buddies. They just moved in Saturday and so far, they have played nearly every day. He's gotten Daylon interested in sports again, which beats sitting in front of the TV all day playing video games (leave the vegging to mom, I'm the professional!). Daylon was super excited to find out that he plays soccer too. It's great having someone living across the street again, and a extra bonus that they have young children too. Rianne spends a lot of time over there too playing with the other two girls. Although I'm not sure they've become such great friends as the boys have. But then again, Rianne is still heart-broke that it wasn't Ali moving back home. I imagine it's hard to go over there and see everything that has changed. Going over to that house that was almost like their second home and not having Ali there to play with has got to be a bit devastating. Most evenings are spent comforting Rianne. She comes home crying because she loves playing with the new girls but she misses Ali. i'm guessing she feels guilty and sad and happy all at once. Tough being a kid.


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