Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 years ago...

... this little beauty came into our lives.

Today she turned seven.

It's hard to wrap our brains around how fast the time has flown.

She's grown into quite the cute young lady don't you think?

This morning she woke up this:

We snuck into her room late last night and decorated her room while she was sleeping.

She was so excited when she woke up and saw it that she went and woke up her big brother. And as much as he said he hates when she does that, he had the biggest grin on his face too.

Our biggest wish for Rianne is that her birthday doesn't get clumped up with Christmas.

This year i really made it a big deal not to combine anything Christmas with today. Today was her day.

Tomorrow is the big celebration day. Daylon had basketball all evening long so we were unable to do her party today. Tomorrow we are going to throw a birthday party for her at the Fire House.

We were hoping to at least have her birthday dinner today but that was a bust too. As much as it sounded a drag, today wasn't a total bust. Together, we made cupcakes for the party tomorrow, and our little bug learned how to crack her first eggs!

She got a few cute gifts already.
*We got her a charm bracelet kit where she can make her own charm bracelets.
*Her teacher gave her a book for her birthday.
*Jody got her a cute set of penguin pj's, a Tinkerbell book and the cutest little penguin beany baby.
*Her big brother was even thinking of her today, and made her a bracelet out of staples.



Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

What a cool mom you are! I love the decorations, I might have to try that with my kiddos someday. I have 2 December birthdays and I'm thinking the unbirthday idea gets better every year.

Kim said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! still have her birth announcement on my scrap wall.. (it moves w/me :D)

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