Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a littel bonus in a not so bad day

...catching up with a old buddy that i grew up with. In fact, i don't have many of them left so it was great talking with him. He recently moved again so going to visit him and his family is a little more difficult when i go north to visit my family. Even a better bonus. He talked me into using my webcam that hasn't been used in, i dont' know... forever! Of course i had to load it and then troubleshoot to get the stupid thing to work. And when i was about to give up, it started working right.

So now that i've got it working, here's to more face to face with my friends. I defintaly feel a new New Years resolution coming on. I've been a terrible friend and there really is no excuse not to make time for friends.


Tasha said...

hey I found you while "blog stalking" its fun to see who has blogs. this is a great way to keep up on family and friends. hope you dont mind me adding you to my list. oh and by the way you have the cutest scrapbook pages. do you make and sell? :)

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